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2017-07-10 00:00:00
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Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog here on the Valiance site. I currently hold seats as both the Creative Director, Programming Director, and Executive Producer of the project. In this blog, I'll be projecting my views as the product's Producer. I'm going to outline our path towards the alpha release, discuss other topics related specifically to Valiance, touch on topics related specifically to the SHOGN network, and discuss our Steam launch and its business-related specifications.

Hello everyone, my name is Frank “Jaximus” Ambrose and I am the Systems Director for Valiance Online. Today, we are ready to share our initial power set progression. Fair warning, these design elements are subject to change as we proceed further in development. Some features will not be in the Pre-Alpha test, but keep your eyes open for updates in the future. Likewise, all of us on the team welcome the community’s feedback on the system itself.

My name is Frank “Jaximus” Ambrose, and I am the Design Director for Valiance Online. We are ready to share our initial Power Set proliferation and progression for your edification. However, as one can imagine, these design elements are subject to change, so fair warning! Keep in mind, some features are not available in the current pre-alpha build, but keep your eyes open for them in the future updates. Likewise, I welcome community feedback on the systems themselves.