Especially Ordinary

What makes a person truly special? The few special among us have always been separated by those with power and those without: the power to shape nations, perform miracles, solve great problems, or simply save a life. For the past century, super heroes stood above the rest to protect the world from threats great and small, but now at the turn of the 22nd century, the rest of humanity has started catching up. Nowhere else in the world is this felt more than the greatest city in the world, San Cielo.


Though most of the world still reels from the catastrophic ARMS pandemic and Leviathan’s Uprising, the chaos has given rise to incredible technologies from every field imaginable. From Cyber Assemblies’ limbs, augments, and implants to Tronne Industries’ revolutionary biotechnology, gene therapies, and resequencing treatments becoming readily available, super powers can come from a simple swipe of a credit card. Compounded with the increasing number of those simply born with fantastic abilities over the last few decades and it is easy to see why people started calling them the “Gene Generation.”


With this great proliferation of power and technology has come with a greater challenge to maintain order with the lines between regular and super crime blurring by the day. Small domestic cases can spiral out of control if the offender wears an enhanced cybernetic limb while violent offenders can abuse enough illicit bioenhancers and stolen technology to contend with supers from groups like Valor and JaxCorp. The large companies and megacorporations have responded by employing private security forces and automated defense systems to absurd levels. In all of this, citizens are caught in the middle wondering if they should prepare themselves for when the tension finally snaps.


These are trying times in which, with each passing hour, the definition of “special” distorts more and more. As more people arm themselves, enhance their abilities, or awaken to a greater power within, what makes someone truly special in this super-powered world may soon become how ordinary they’ve remained.

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