*Information located in this section is subject to change, but this is the most current information.


During character selection a player will choose a primary and secondary, these selections will place them into one of the following archetypes. Each archetype will have an archetype power pool, this pool is primarily focused on assisting the character in fitting into their classes role(Example: Titan’s taunt powers will be located in the archetype pool rather than the offensive power set.)



Role: Melee Offensive

Primary Power Group: Offensive Melee

Secondary Power Group: Melee Defensive or Team Support

Details: Brawlers live for a good fight, preferring to be on the front lines rather than behind a Titan.  These master combatants inflict punishing blows on their foes while withstanding the same in turn. These fighters lack ranged attacks, but can easily deal damage to a single foe or everyone around them.

As a Brawler you will thrive in the heart of the fight; able to do massive damage to foes while still holding your own.


Role: Melee Defensive

Primary Power Group: Melee Defensive

Secondary Power Group: Melee Damage

Details: Titans charge into battle fiercely, capturing their foe’s attention and keeping it focused on themselves versus their allies. Though capable of dealing damage, their true strength lies in their lasting power in battle, able to easily shrug off heavy hits that others would buckle under. Being melee focused they lack ranged attacks.

As a Titan you will excel at withstanding monumental amounts of damage without wavering, while dealing some in return.


Role: Melee Utility

Primary Power Group: Team Support

Secondary Power Groups: Melee Control or Melee Damage

Details: While most fighters favor on powerful hits or bulwark defenses, Enforcers focus on assisting the team in battle by dealing damage while providing support for allies.

As an Enforcer you will offer amazing support from the front lines while holding your own in a battle.


Role: Melee Utility

Primary Power Group: Melee Damage Control

Secondary Power Group: Defense Control

Details: Sentinels are single target melee specialists, able to lockdown a target as well as inflict massive amounts of damage. While not the sturdiest of fighters, Sentinels feature a lot of utility in their abilities, allowing them to help control the field of battle.

As a Sentinel you will be able to destroy a single target, while still being able to survive in close quarters combat.


Role: Ranged Offensive

Primary Power Group: Ranged Damage

Secondary Power Group: Melee Damage Control

Details: Strikers excel at devastating their enemies from a distance and have enough diversification to briefly handle melee combat. Their damage capabilities is unparalleled, but lack the control and sturdiness of other offensive archetypes.

As a Striker you will be an offensive juggernaut, dealing massive amounts of damage, though it’s best to avoid a direct fight.


Role: Ranged Control

Primary Power Group: Ranged Control

Secondary Power Groups: Ranged Support or Ranged Damage

Details: Manipulator specialize in controlling the field of battle, while either supporting their allies or wrecking more havoc on their enemies from a distance. Manipulator can easily maintain superiority over a battlefield while either helping allies by dealing damage or enhancing abilities.

As a Manipulator you will be able to lock down threats to yourself and your team, then either decimate them completely from a distance, or buff and support your allies.


Role: Ranged Utility

Primary Power Group: Ranged Support

Secondary Power Group: Ranged Control or Ranged Damage

Details: Coordinators work best from a distance, assisting their friends while impeding their enemies. Their abilities can protect, heal, and boost their teammates in battle, while either hindering their foes’ movements or wounding them directly.

As a Coordinator you will excel at buffing your allies, and debuffing your opponents;



Role: Ranged Utility

Primary Power Group: Ranged Damage

Secondary Power Group: Ranged Support

Details: Debilitators are experts at inflicting punishing damage from afar, while supporting their allies with powerful buffs. Their powers allow them to weaken and annihilate their enemies, yet still heal, strengthen and protect their own teammates.

As a Debilitator you will be able to deal good damage at range, while empowering your allies to even greater heights in battle.


Role: Hybrid Pet Control

Primary Power Group: Leader Pet Control

Secondary Power Group: Team Support

Details: Some people prefer to be in combat with their Minions, even leading the charge, Leaders will be a set that focuses on Melee Combat, you will gain access to more attack powers then buffs for your pets.


Role: Hybrid Pet Control

Primary Power Group: Commander Pet Control

Secondary Power Group: Melee Damage Control

Details: Some excel at spurring their men into combat. Commanders will be more pet support oriented, Look for less direct attacks and more ways to help your pets.


Role: Hybrid Pet Control

Primary Power Group: Director Pet Control

Secondary Power Group: Control

Details: While some prefer to be enablers of their good workers. Leaders will be a set that focuses on Dealing damage from a range, they provide  little sustain or buffs for their pets, not able to directly help them, but more indirect thru control of your enemy.

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SKIPJACK Furray wrote:
I miss the peacebringer and warshades! Will any shape shifting be available?

Yes, in the future Shapeshifting as well and alien races will be added to the character creator.
Furray's Avatar
Furray I miss the peacebringer and warshades! Will any shape shifting be available?
switch's Avatar
switch i miss playing my controllers hope there is something that plays similar
ivioincw's Avatar
ivioincw Leader and commander may be reversed in their descriptions...
Ph4nt0m's Avatar
Ph4nt0m is there any way for a character w/ close range burst attacks and be able to move through solid objects? Thanks
Spinreaver's Avatar
Spinreaver Do we have a playable build open?
CaptainGame's Avatar
CaptainGame I think the either the descriptions or the secondary power sets for Commander and Leader are backwards.
Crow's Avatar
Crow Definitely trying Titan first! REALLY looking forward to this!
ryokoryu's Avatar
ryokoryu The one thing that is missing from this like in CoX is ranged tanks. This is one of the few things Champions did better. CoX had more diversity within a power type (ice melee, ice armor, ice control, ice ranged) but the ability to be a walking Abrams tank seems to be rare.
Crypto's Avatar
Crypto Hello, I've just noticed that one of the secondary power groups for the Enforcer is "Melee Control", but it is not specified if it's Melee Damage Control or Melee Defensive Control. Would you care to tell us which one it is?

Crypto's Avatar
Crypto I'm really looking forward to try the Debilitator as I mostly play solo but enjoy playing a support type character when I play in a group.
ZeeHero's Avatar
ZeeHero I noticed some typos in the archetype description, for instance in the description for the Projector, it refers to said archetype as "Striker" afterwards.

Hopefully the developer who posted has time to fix this, I'm sure its just due to a lack of coffee in the morning after a long day of working on the game :silly:
Tusk Rider's Avatar
Tusk Rider It will be interesting to see how this system works in game,it seems upgraded from the CoH days.
sylvie's Avatar
sylvie I love the mastermind.
Good memories with city of heroes.
blacke4dawn's Avatar
blacke4dawn Melarius wrote:
There are something like Controller at COH???
Yes, named Manipulator here.
Melarius's Avatar
Melarius There are something like Controller at COH???
funfreak55's Avatar
funfreak55 @ Archanarchist- Oops, yah i forgot... LOL
Archanarchist's Avatar
Archanarchist CoH had 5 CoV had another 5 :P had brute stalker corrupter dominator mastermind ;) but yeah its nice to see a good mix of archetypes
funfreak55's Avatar
funfreak55 Just thought of another Archetype you could consider, The Panzer. Named after a German tank, this class has a blend of defensive powers and ranged combat.
funfreak55's Avatar
funfreak55 CoH had 5 class choices, Valiance has 11. This is so cool! I've always liked melee fighters, but with Brawler, Titan, Enforcer, and Harrier I'll need to do some experimenting!
TheCity's Avatar
TheCity Leader all day. I hope alpha has at least one of them, even with no or limited pet customization; just want a taste of it.
Deacon's Avatar
Deacon manipulator or coordinator? hmmm...
Ryu Blood's Avatar
Ryu Blood I will be a Director glory to Lord blood!!
Ryanasd's Avatar
Ryanasd Cooool