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"Internal Updates! 1. Updated the AE_LegacyQueue script: - Fully qualified the namespace of the legacy queue for the Archery Effects type. 2. Updated all effects shaders: - Optimized more keywords. - Merged more shader types and methods. - Updated effects script references to use the new merged shaders. 3. Updated power effect prefabs: - Updated particle systems and meshes with new shaders and materials. - Removed all references to the Universal and High-Definition render pipeline. 4. Removed old base locomotion animations: - Replaced with the new animation set. 5. Rewrote a majority of the visual effects shaders: - Added better use of GPU rendered particles. 6. Updated particle scripts and materials: - Added more GPU instancing to particles. - Replaced projectile particle handling with new instanced bullet projectile particle tech. 7. Removed older particle prefabs, scripts, materials, and shader. 8. Updated the rock and terrain shaders: - Added some world-space support for seamless root and proximity placement. 9. Updated Unity to the latest release (2019.3.5f1). 10. Updated the vegetation system: - Updated to Unity 2019.3's API. 11. Added animations for the Sword & Shield and Dual Pistol power sets: - Removed old locomotion animations. - Added new locomotion animations. 12. Added new textures and materials for the AEGIS armors set V2. 13. Added new archery visual effects. 14. Added new muzzle flash visual effects. 15. Added new Skyeline building architecture. 16. Merged the web design server content for consolidation reasons. 17. Added new outfit concept art references. 18. Added new Asgard concept art references. 19. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene: - Added more elements for testing."

On 03/18/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"

"Internal Updates: 1. Removed the .vs directory from versioning: - Coders will maintain their automated generation and project. 2. Updated the Base-m and Base-f appearance module prefabs: - Added new face emotions. - Added more facial customization. - Cleaned up some of the prefab hierarchy. - Manually filled fields made available through script edits with their proper resource association; removed references and lookups during runtime as they are unnecessary now. - Updated the footstep audio source to use a single source that spawns a footstep sound only on foot impact; this value will be cached soon for pooling optimization. 3. Updated all visual effects for optimization: - Completed the optimization of the shader keywords. - Removed various quality shaders types; setup methods of handling particle density and physics as part of the video quality settings. - Removed particle animations; updated to use particle system curves. 4. Added new archery effects and shaders: - NOTE: Never before had archery looked so badass!!! NEVER!!! 5. Modified the Skyeline water mesh and its water volumes. 6. Removed old palm tree foliage: - Added new, optimized palm trees. 7. Updated the City Hall building construction meshes and prefabs: - Updated modularity and fixed some vertex alignment issues. - Updated texturing to use the new Skyline texture collection. 8. Updated many scripts to resolve warnings and to move to new Unity API changes: - Rewrote some methods and events to take advantage of new more performant features. - Updated all particle scripts to use the new particle instancing tech. 9. Updated the AnimationEx script: - Added more animations for swimming, flying, and added new animations for wall crawling. 10. Updated the tooltips script: - Added checks for the UI being suddenly hidden while you're hovering over a GUI interactor. 11. Updated the traffic system: - Utilized the new mathematics, jobs, and burst compilation system. - Improved traffic networking system. - Added aerial traffic functionality; removed the generic sky vehicle particles. 12. Updated the sky shader: - Improved shader performance. - Removed parameters that we'll likely not use. 13. Removed the Logs directory from versioning: - Coders will maintain their automated generation and project. 14. Added new AEGIS rocket pack animations: - Added player versions as well. 15. Updated Sykeline lot mesh: - Added more lots. 16. Added new biome concept images. 17. Added new Asgard props. 18. Added new building props. 19. Updated the AreaSkyeline scene: - Added more road and terrain chunks. - Setup the new highway ramp and support beam meshes for automated implementation during road elevation creation. 20. Removed the placeholder sworrd and shield animation set: - Added the new custom sword and shield animation set. 21. Removed the placeholder shield combat animation set: - Added the new custom shield combat animation set. 22. Updated the universal-character-controller Animator Controller: - Updated the Shield Combat power set's animation motions; this power set is current relegated to Paramount but will be available to players soon. - Updated the Sword and Shield power set's animation motion. - Added new attack animation motions. 23. Updated the base locomotion animation sets: - Added new animation additives for moving while playing some emotes like talking and waving. - Updated many movement animations to improve the humanoid animations. 24. Updated to the latest 2019.2 release of Unity (2019.2.20f1). 25. Added new emote animations 26. Updated the particle systems and their shaders: - Optimized shader keywords with localized keyword implementation. - Removed some scripts that controlled particle animations and replaced with animation curves/noise. 27. Updated the burst compiler packages. 28. Added new outfit concept art. 29. Removed old sector management system: - Added new sector management system. 30. Updated project to the latest 2019.2 release (2019.2.21f1). 31. Added new concept art references for Skyeline. 32. Updated the sound manager system. 33. Removed old particle effects and particle systems: - Transitioned to the new standard particle effects and particle systems. 34. Removed the database implementation: - Transitioned the database to its own repository for live database replication. 35. Updated the Build directory to exclude the backup data iteration of the build. 36. Added the Mac and Linux 64-bit clients. 37. Updated the Windows client. 38. Added the map server physics clients. 39. Added new power set visual effects: - Laser Rifle. - Psionic Melee. - Ice Melee. - Electricity Projection. - Gravity Manipulation. - Rocket Launcher. - Railgun. - Sniper Rifle. 40. Added new material state shaders: - Burning. - Frozen. - Circuitry. - Decay. 41. Added space particles for the trailer cinematic: - Volumetric nebula. - Space debris. - Pulsewave explosion. 42. Updated the burst compiler to the latest release. 43. Updated the Builds repository: - Updated the Windows build."

On 02/23/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"

"Updates: 1. Added the new features to the shader framework: - Added height-base vertex color blending. - Added PoM depth options to all shaders with priority sorting. - Added alpha channel support for mesh terrain shading. - Added alpha channel support for character customizer shader. 2. Updated the audio manager tool: - Added new time of day events for changing various environment audio types. - Added volumetric audio features including line-based, mesh-based, and pivot-based. 3. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more terrain chunks. - Finalized some street and sidewalk meshes. - Updated water planes and waster volumes. - Rebuilt the foliage managers data files. - Added touch support for grass and some bush foliage. - Added new architecture. - Modified mob spawn points. - Modified NPC spawn points. - Modified interactive workstation spawn points. - Cleaned up the main hierarchy thread; sorted, organized, and combined objects. 4. Updated the Art/Locations directory: - Added the Earth directory. - Added the Asgard directory. - Added the Cyberspace (Slipstream) directory. - Added the Mars directory. - Added the Void Dimension directory. - Added the Virtual Reality director. - Added the Eritos directory. 5. Sorted the Earth locations into the new Earth directory: - San Cielo. - San Diego (ruins/sinkhole). - Texas. 6. Sorted the Mars locations into the new Mars directory: - Keplar Colony. 7. Added new Asgard art to the new Asgard directory. 8. Sorted the Cyberspace art to the new Cyberspace directory: - PvP Arena. 9. Added the Virtual Reality art to the new Virtual Reality directory: - Containment Zone. 10. Added new architectur for San Cielo: - Sorted to the new San Cielo directory location. 11. Cleaned up tons of code. 12. Added new news-stand interactor: - May contain player written content/books. - Will contain world content/books with news which may or may not include information on investigation missions. 13. Updated the live server: - Transported to the new server cluster for testing. - Fixed some bugs with the M.U.S.E. terminals procedural mission system."

On 02/01/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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