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"Internal Updates: 1. Updated the Skill-Type script: - Removed that odd null ref check before the switch statement because the method is never executed if the skill value is null. - Updated the PHP script of the processing tool to automate the check out during processing as well. 2. Updated the lip-syncing system: - Added dead animation for closing of the eyes and removed the setting that was based on the facial animation system so that the facial animation components can be fully removed when the player and the NPC are not in conversation, the NPC is a mob, or the characters is a dead player. 3. Updated the water shader. 4. Added new Scythe animations. 5. Added concept art references for Skyeline vehicles. 6. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more roads to the road network. - Cleaned up terrain chunks. - Added the updated water shader materials. - Updated vertex shading for the streams and ocean. - Added new event logic for the AEGIS advertising billboard as well as various world broadcasting events. - Added new event messages for "that" event that's planned to happen soon. 7. Updated all Aura effects: - Updated all prefabs. - Added new Aura for Blue Joule. NOTE: This one may be a bit too intense for players as it's coded to chain to various "electric" node, making it highly distracting if multiple people were to use it in close proximity. - Updated all shaders for single instance render processing. 8. Updated the water shader system: - Fixed physics-related registration when creating water volumes on non-Unity Terrain elements. 9. Added new volumetric explosions effects: - Removed the old 2D billboard explosions. 10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the road network parent. - Added more road elements. - Added more terrain elements. - Updated the river flow to smooth its flow into the ocean. - Fixed a few buildings and their placement. - Updated the terrain mesh. 11. Updated the mesh terrain data file. 12. Added the bird and fish AI behavior. 13. Completed the implementation of the server synced elevator and train systems. 14. Remove many core shaders that we're no longer using. 15. Updated the hair material modules to use the new hair shader. 16. Deleted old particle effects that have been replaced. 17. Updated many world materials to use the new optimized core shader. 18. Updated the world mesh terrain data file: - Accounts for the new combined mesh terrain model. 19. Updated the vegetation data file: - Added new terrain biome volume to the baked asset data. 20. Updated the main camera prefab: - Added planar reflection handling for the water shader. - Added trigger for transitioning to the underwater water volume. - Added water volume mask manager to allow the camera to determine the degree of partial submersion in when the camera is below the water plane for proper rendering of the underwater visual effects. 21. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Cleaned up many geometric elements. - Updated building placement. - Added more organic road elements. - Added more organic terrain elements. - Updated all building billboard elements to utilize the new hologram shader. - Rebuilt occlusion culling data. - Rebuilt vegetation biome data. - Updated water volume position. - Added bird paths. - Added fish paths. - Updated vehicle paths to utilize the new road routes. - Added aerial vehicle paths. - Added event spawns for aerial vehicle events like the shipping freighter travel event from Skyeline's industrial area to the Harbor View ports. - Removed some older placeholder buildings. 22. Updated the interior generators PlayerCollider2D script: - Updated references that used collider as a variable name as that's not allowed since a keyword has the same name. 23. Updated the water shader: - Removed the old river tool and shader and added a new custom shader for handling water flow with vertex coloring. 24. Updated the Skyeline water mesh: - Added water volume. - Removed manual tessellation and wave manipulation. NOTE: The performance hit from this was a bit exaggerated and since it's not affecting boat physics right now, it isn't necessary, but maybe in the future? - Updated the caustics projection distance so that they aren't being projected when the player is far away. 25. Optimized nearly all shaders: - Localized all shader variants with variables that are not manipulated at runtime. 26. Removed many shaders that are no longer used. 27. Updated many materials: - Added new shaders to replace those that were removed during the shader purge. 28. Added new parking road piece. 29. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene: - Updated test NPC and mission item positions. 30. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more roads segments. - Added more terrain chunks. - Updated biome dimensions for the beach and city. - Updated building geometry. - Optimized building geometry. - Combined terrain chunks for finalization. - Updated mesh terrain physics component. - Finalized some road elements. - Updated road props. - Added many interactors including benches, vending machines, and restaurant elements. NOTE: Dispensing interactors like vending machines and the oven in the restaurant vend role-playing elements that only show animations and particle effects. - Updated bird paths to avoid adding dynamic collision checks for traveling birds. - Added bird landing positions. - Updated vehicle and pedestrian paths. 31. Updated the organic shaders: - Added make-up/paint masks for skin. - Added translucent skin color to complete the skin color modding design. 32. Updated pedestrian and vehicle reaction systems: - Implemented scare zones for some character attacks that cause vehicles and pedestrians to move away from that area with aggressive behavior. 33. Added many concept art references. 34. Added XP to level 50 in LevelData.csv. 35. Updated ArchetypeAssign.xlsx to reflect "-" naming convention and added symbols for reference. 36. Updated the ocean mesh: - Added sub-materials for the surface and volume definition. 37. Updated many world materials: - Removed redundant materials with similar appearances. - Replaced the removed materials with those most similar is appearance. 38. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Fixed bugs reported by QA. - Added more road segments. - Updated terrain mesh; further optimized the combined mesh. - Updated the entire San Cielo terrain landscape mesh; scaled the overview map along with it to accurate 1:1 real-life world scaling. - Updated the terrain mesh data matrix; processed vegetation data. NOTE: This needs to be optimized for real-time. - Updated beachfront and city-area biome masks. - Updated lots and parking platforms. 39. Updated ocean shader material: - Updated depth falloff. 40. Updated the main camera prefab: - Added trigger for underwater rendering enabling and disabling. 41. Added underwater breathing particles: - Setup script for disabling when character customization option Water-Breathing is enabled."

On 06/05/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"

"Internal Updates! 1. Removed the old traffic and pedestrian system: - Replaced with our new custom solution. - Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features. 2. Removed the Color image effects library: - Replaced with our custom library and Unity's Post-Processing Stack V2. 3. Updated the Outline shader: - Improved performance significantly. 4. Updated the character shader pack: - Improved skin translucence. - Updated the hair's sheen algorithm. - Added more color values for make-up, tattoos, and varying hair colors. 5. Updated the project to the latest Unity release (2019.3.10f1). 6. Added new raytrace audio spatializer: - Added audio occlusion settings for all ambient noises for realistic internal muffling and distant resonance shifting. 7. Added new effects library. 8. Added new custom terrain shaders for our mesh terrain chunks: - Added custom vertex painting tools. - Added shader for up to 5 shading passes in instance arrays. 9. Updated the San Cielo terrain mesh: - Baked new vertex coloring for the new terrain shading system; 10. Updated the grass topside material: - Updated to use the new mesh terrain shader. 11. Cleaned up many world textures: - Deleted those that will likely never be used. - Added new high-res ground textures. 12. Updated the spline mesh toolset: - Added new system for receiving sync data from the server for spawning vehicles patterns in sync with the server. 13. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene: - Added the new test environment. - Processed all server ddata. 14. Added the new Morpheus_Construct to the San_Cielo directory: - Added new architecture and roads. 15. Updated the traffic and terrain system: - Fixed audio playback issues. - Added disabling solutions to fully dismantle and unload content. 16. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more environment chunks. 17. Updated to the latest Unity release (2019.3.10f1). 18. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more environment chunks. - Optimized the road meshes. 19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated road elements. - Added more buildings. - Added more terrain chunks. 20. Updated the Projectile script: - Removed all external vfx references. - Added a new protected UnityEvent to allow local particle effect behaviors OnTriggerEnter and OnCollisionEnter. 21. Updated both the devconfig and config files: - Updated starting locations and positions. 22. Added a new Scripts/Particles directory for all visual effects related scripts. 23. Added the new flight animation set. 24. Added the new George Lucas power set animation set. 25. Updated the Burst Compiler package to the latest Unity release. 26. Updated the Jobs package to the latest Unity release. 27. Added the Electricity power set sounds. 28. Updated the spline editor: - Added method that utilizes the RecalculateNormals() functionality of Unity mesh generation; Fixed the black sidewalk and tangents of the curb bugs. 29. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Refreshed spline elements. - Added spline path for the floating advertisement aircraft. 30. Completed the importation of all terrain chunks from the contractor repository: - Combined all chunks into a new terrain_for_optimization mesh. 31. Added new mesh data for vegetation baking. 32. Updated the AreaSanCielo.unity. - Added the new terrain_for_optimization mesh. NOTE: This is being optimized now that it has been completely assembled into the game environments and all elements outside of the immediate playable area has been removed until the maps expands. - Completed the implementation of the new terrain mesh. - Completed the implementation of all building placement from the contractor repository. NOTE: The buildings, parking spaces, and lots from these elements still need texturing and polishing to meet the current road updates. 33. Updated the burst compiler to the latest release. 34. Massive character creator code clean up: - Removed many old fields, methods, and properties form older chargen script. - Cleaned up code in newer chargen scripts. - Updated all scripts to the 2019.3 API where required. 35. Updated the Appearance Catalogu and Module manager scripts: - Removed script symbol references for pre-2018.3 prefab management; we're not going backwards, and all games using the tech is beyond that release."

On 05/18/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"

"Internal Updates: 1. Updated the ChatSubWindow prefab: - Updated components. 2. Updated the MacroEditor prefab: - Updated components. - Added new editor component. 3. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene: - Added new doors for testing traveling between zones. - Added more crafting platforms. 4. Updated the project to the latest Unity release (2019.3.7f1). 5. Added new concept art references for the moon base: - Added moon base building models. 6. Added new building art for Iron Valley: - Added new securitly walls and a massive entrace checkpoint. 8. Added new concept art references for Skyeline props: - Updated the base character idea animation. 9. Update the custom deferred rendering shader: - Increased the framerate consistency by a massive margin. 10. Updated the distortion and auto-light shaders: - Updated to perform better with the new custom deferred light model. 11. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller: - Improved various transitions. - Added new combat animation motions. 12. Updated the uber shader of the mesh effects shaders: - Added more effects for more power sets including the new nature and earth effects. 13. Updated all general vfx shaders: - Improved for better performance under heavy particle usage. - GPU instanced all materials possible. 14. Removed mobile shaders from third-party solutions. 15. Updated damage effect prefabs for Street Brawling and Super Strength: - Updated particle shaders. 16. Updated all ground textures: - Updated to the new 4k global ground resolution standard. - Added heightmaps for all textures and texture types. 17. Updated the MMOAppearanceCatalogManager script: - Replaced the old prefab system with the new system in accordance with Unity 2019.3 API changes. - Updated the handling of AppearanceModules. 18. Removed the old volumetric light emission shader: - Replaced with the new optimized custom iteration. 19. Updated the ChargenCamText render texture: - Moved it to the new full character panel. 20. Updated the LoginInterface_V3 prefab: - Fixed some bugs with the prefabs hierarchy/layout. 21. Updated all camera prefabs: - Removed the old flare layers and gui layers that are now deprecated by Unity. 22. Updated character attribute spreadsheet values to fix buy with the position of the Titan's primary power benefits: - Preparsed all content data for client-side quick access. 23. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Performed a massive optimization pass. - Added new environment elements. - Added new architecture. - Updated old architecture. - Textured more buildings. - Added more of the new organic road paths. - Added more of the new terrain chunks. - Updated mob spawnspot positions. 24. Updated the Loading scene: - Updated camera settings. 25. Updated the CameraSettingsLoader script: - Remove references to the Color shader library as we no longer use it; we've moved to Unity's Post Processing Stack V2 completely. - NOTE: We're also using a few of our own custom effects shaders for image effects now as well. 26. Updated the CursorSetter script: - Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features. 27. Updated the ChooseSecondaryStyle, EditPowersMenuPanel, EditPowersMenuPanelController, CreateCharMenuData, CreateCharMenuData,. and DeleteButton script: - Updated some code to fix startup behavior. - Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features. 28. Updated the ConfigGUI, and Preferences scripts: - Updated all to reference the new Post-Processing Stack V2 fields. - Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features. 29. Updated the UITargetDisplayController script: - Added progressive smoothing of the bars OnDamage(). 30. Removed the old placeholder spline system: - Replaced with our new custom spline system."

On 05/03/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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