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"Internal Updates: 1. Updated the road materials to match the scaling values of the new road elements. 2. Added new textures and materials for the new road updates. 3. Updated the road tools: - Fixed a few bugs. 4. Added new road mesh elements: - Added road modules for various parking lot styles. - Deleted old modules no longer used. 5. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added new road network. - Added updated mob positioning. - Added new mobs around the starting test area. - Added interactors for testing. 6. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller: - Added new power set animations. - Added new chairstand motion field; added transitions. 7. Updated the energy orb weapon effect: - Fixed missing meshes and materials. 8. Updated the NameSake Media building: - Optimized mesh. - Added water volume. 9. Updated all road intersection prefabs: - Added proper static values. - Updated sidewalk meshes. 10. Updated the HUDCanvas prefab: - Finished the implementation of the unset button for interacting with modal interactors that lock the player in-place; this includes chairs. 11. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Rebuilt NavMesh. - Rebuilt Occlusion Culling. - Updated the mesh terrain data file. - Finished all explorable roads for the current test area. - Updated the persistent vegetation data file. - Imported more of the organic terrain chunks. NOTE: QA make a note that the new finalized road elements compromised the continuity of the original terrain chunks and the we are updating the chunks to compensate for sidewalk modifications. - Added all mob, interactor, and transition spawnpoints to the map in preparation for the upcoming release! 12. Updated the HumanoidAppearanceConfig added new animation states: - Added animation transition handling for the chairstand animator motion. 13. Updated the AnimationMode script: - Added the new animation states. 14. Added new curved road type prefab. 15. Updated the Chair Idle, Chair Sit, and Chair Stand animations: - Updated meta to change orientation values. 16. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller: - Improved the sit animation transitions. 17. Updated many environment textures. 18. Updated the main camera prefab: - Added the skin shader which handles the shading of the skin and eyes on the character when in-game fixed the weird character skin and eye shading. 19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Completed more polish on the road networks. - Added more of the refined terrain chunks. - Enabled the traffic system. - Added new bird landing positions. - Rebuilt the navigation mesh. - Rebuilt the occlusion culling. - Cleaned up various elements of the scene hierarchy. 20. Updated the LandingSpotController script: - Configured the script to procedurally choose landing locations nearest to the birds flock for landing. - Added system for dynamically determining while various birds from a flock will land. 21. Updated the UISettings scripts: - Added improved handling of the unsit button method. 22. Updated the AnimationMode script: - Added improved handling of the interfacing of the UISettings script's unsit method. 23. Updated the traffic system's BasicDefines script: - Updated the dir location of the new traffic elements. 24. Added new road tunnel model. 25. Added new test vehicles: - Added basic prefabs. 26. Updated the character customizatoin test environment. 27. Updated the many terrain textures: - Manually combined some channels. 28. Added new traffic materials. 29. Deleted the old audio mixer: - Added the new mixer with more values and setting options. 30. Updated all intersection prefabs: - Added lights, car controller triggers, and components for advanced AI controls. 31. Updated the main camera prefab: - Added the new raytrace audio listener component. 32. Updated the Manager prefab: - Added the new testing components for the raytrace audio system. 33. Updated traffic vehicle prefabs. 34. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Massive environment art update. - Updated tons of materials, textures, and geometry. 35. Updated bird and ambient creature AI: - Improved some behavior performance. 36. Updated the traffic light system: - Added new fake light shader to fake light rendering with additive decals. 37. Updated the traffic light scripts: - Completed multi-material handling to complete general functionality of traffic light management. 38. Added new sound effects for many vehicle types. The Server Updates: 1. Updated the AnimationMode script - Synced data with the client AnimationMode script 2. Built server binaries"

On 08/05/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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