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"Internal Updates: 1. Added new biome art: - Deleted old biome art. 2. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Started integrating the new chaparral biome art. - Combined and optimized many road segments. 3. Updated to the latest Unity 2019 release (2019.4.17f1). 4. Updated all Unity packages to their latest releases. 5. Added more Asgard concept art. 6. Added the last of the San Cielo biome art: - Updated shaders on some elements to use less texture samplers. - Added instanced indirect shading to all others. 7. Deleted the old post processing effects shaders: - Added updated shaders. - Moved all core shaders to the Scripts\Core\Shaders\ directory and all modular shaders to the Scripts\Modules\Shaders\ as part of the SHOGN Active Framework standardization. - Added many new billboard and logo shaders for world signage. - Updated all character shaders in preparation to the move to Unity's URP platform. 8. Updated the sky shading system: - Transitioned to the new simplified version of the shader; removed all expensive elements. - Added new customized shading behaviors for clouds and a dynamic star field sphere to remove processing of star data. 9. Updated the water shader: - Added depth tiling mask to resolve issue with camera frustum render mask issues while below water. - Improved surface edge performance. 10. Added new Time Manipulation vfx collection: - Added placeholder sounds. 11. Updated the traffic system: - MASSIVE optimization pass to the handling of distant vehicles and pedestrians; updated to use threaded architecture and physics. - Full rewrite of the audio handling for traffic vehicles and pedestrian groups. - Added new "Special" and "Interactive" points to pedestrian pathing allowing pedestrians to move to Special points to trigger unique poses or stances and to Interactive points for object interaction. - Added the first iteration of dynamic aerial vehicle spline pathing. *NOTE: Will be adding various aerial vehicles and procedural routes specific to their purpose soon. 12. Added new vehicle engine sound system: - Added various sound collections for various engine types. - Replaced all vehicle audio prefabs with new vehicle engine sound prefabs. 13. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated terrain data. - Updated biome data. - Updated mesh data. - Updated biome masks and biome mask areas. - Updated terrain textures. - Cleaned up some environment hierarchy fields. - Added new mob spawn points. - Added new environment architecture. 14. HUGE update to the SHOGN Active Framework: - Continued the process of consolidating code into the framework directory. - Removed the old dialogue system. 15. Added new implementation of the Audio Manager into the dialogue system: - Added the ability to script audio playback and lipsyncing into the dialogue process. *NOTE: Dialgoue cutscene implementation is next on the list!! 16. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the vegetation manager to implement new biome updates. - Updated more buildings and laid out the placement of the SkyeRail system. 17. Updated the project to the latest release of Unity 2019 (2019.4.18f1). 18. Updated foliage shader: - Merged shader performance with the new wind system for optimizations. 19. Updated all shaders in the shader pipeline: - Removed all warnings clearing up all macro redefines. - Updated a few shaders to resolve divisible by 0 float errors. 20. Massive clean-up of the Art/Locations/Earth directory: - Cleaned up and sorted all architecture elements of the Skyeline_Centre directory. - Moved all unsorted elements to their respective realms, planets, and locations. 21. Updated the Skyerail art: - Updated all prefabs to use the new decal manager. - Removed old placeholder decals. - Added the new shuttle vehicles. - Added the new rail ports. 22. Updated the lipsync manager: - Completed the implementation of the lipsyncing behavior for dialog interactors. 23. Added the new Audio Events Manager: - Added profile values to trigger emote animations for gestures during NPC dialog. 24. Updated the sector loading/unloading system: - Updated async behaviors to use proper multithreading. 25. Updated the Vegetation Manager: - Added some dramatic changes to viewspace handling of unbaked vegetation. - Disabled rock formations from spawning dynamically. *NOTE: The collision behavior just wasn't performing reasonably enough and accounting for the rocks' bounds just didn't make real-time procedural generation work with sidewalks and building bounds. 26. Added the new SkyeWay aerial walkway art: - Added profile for path generation. 27. Updated all Unity core package to their latest verified releases."

On 03/03/2021 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"

"Internal Updates: 1. Updated the AreaSanCielo mob spawn cap. 2. Updated the MeshTerrain data. 3. Updated the audio occlusion settings on the camera prefab. 4. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more mobs. - Cleaned up a few areas. 5. Processed all updates to server data. 6. Updated to the latest build. 7. Huge update to the cloth physics system: - Updated to the latest burst compiler; fixed many issues causing mass cloth physics to dramatically underperform. *NOTE: Brought capes back with the new system 8. Updated all weapon prefab objects: - Fixed various issues with spawn and mount settings. 9. Added new water volumes for all of Skyeline's water elements. 10. Updated all foliage prefabs: - Optimized behaviors for the vegetation system. - Removed some elements not specifically needed for Valiance. 11. Added new biome content: *NOTE: Will start building the Chaparral biome this week. 12. Updated many environment art materials and textures: - Updated environment art prefabs with optimized materials. 13. Updated the Valor Administration Building model: - Separated and optimized the interior volume to work with the dynamic loading systems. 14. Deleted many old placeholder environment and prop art: - Updated those that were replaced with new prefabs. 15.Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the beach and city biome to remove all solid mesh props like rocks and debris; moved those elements over to use the new optimized world-space shaders to drastically improve foliage and grass load performance. - Updated the persistent vegetation file to reflect changes to the biome files. - Updated many building and prop components. - Deleted environment props that are no longer necessary and replaced those that were placeholders with new final art. - Updated the terrain mesh and water volume meshes. 16. Updated many scripts to improve performance, improve formatting, and to create a proper design framework for future development. 17. Updated the UITipBox_Food script: - Updated tutorial text. 18. Added new sound effects for the Nano Control power set. 19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the light profile. - Updated the skybox profile. - Added the new cloud system. - Updated many buildings to add optimized collision. - Updated many texture to lighter compression versions. - Updated the handling of the night triggers and configured night lighting parameters; NOTE: This still needs a bit of work for performance, but handles turning on night lighting for lamps and vehicles lights. - Updated the biome settings and removed old placeholder rock elements; replaced with new values. - Added new horizon-based fog coloring shader. 20. Updated the fog depth shader to include horizon-based color multiplication. 21. Updated the terrain mesh data: - Updated the terrain mesh and processed the new terrain matrix data. 22. Updated all base Unity packages to their latest releases. 23. Updated to the latest release of Unity 2019 (2019.4.13f1). 24. Updated the ProjectSettings asset file: - Updated many settings to further optimize performance. 25. Added Asgard concept art and references. 26. Added new art for various Skyeline props. 27. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the road network. - Cleaned up hierarchy. - Updated prop organization. - Added new road props. 28. Updated the AutoLight script: - Updated some methods to optimize performance a bit. *NOTE: This will need a full rewrite to start to perform properly for the open-world pass currently in development. 29. Added new prop art for Skyeline Center. 30. Updated the road models collection: - Optimized all sidewalk elements. - Updated material UV mapping. - Removed material usage. 31. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated many materials. - Updated many buildings. - Updated environment prefabs. - Regenerated road network to use the new optimized road elements. 32. Updated all sidewalk prefab: - Updated material usage. - Updated meshes. 33. Updated to the latest Unity 2019.4 release (2019.4.14f1)."

On 11/18/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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