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"Internal Updates: 1. Updated the AreaSanCielo mob spawn cap. 2. Updated the MeshTerrain data. 3. Updated the audio occlusion settings on the camera prefab. 4. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Added more mobs. - Cleaned up a few areas. 5. Processed all updates to server data. 6. Updated to the latest build. 7. Huge update to the cloth physics system: - Updated to the latest burst compiler; fixed many issues causing mass cloth physics to dramatically underperform. *NOTE: Brought capes back with the new system 8. Updated all weapon prefab objects: - Fixed various issues with spawn and mount settings. 9. Added new water volumes for all of Skyeline's water elements. 10. Updated all foliage prefabs: - Optimized behaviors for the vegetation system. - Removed some elements not specifically needed for Valiance. 11. Added new biome content: *NOTE: Will start building the Chaparral biome this week. 12. Updated many environment art materials and textures: - Updated environment art prefabs with optimized materials. 13. Updated the Valor Administration Building model: - Separated and optimized the interior volume to work with the dynamic loading systems. 14. Deleted many old placeholder environment and prop art: - Updated those that were replaced with new prefabs. 15.Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the beach and city biome to remove all solid mesh props like rocks and debris; moved those elements over to use the new optimized world-space shaders to drastically improve foliage and grass load performance. - Updated the persistent vegetation file to reflect changes to the biome files. - Updated many building and prop components. - Deleted environment props that are no longer necessary and replaced those that were placeholders with new final art. - Updated the terrain mesh and water volume meshes. 16. Updated many scripts to improve performance, improve formatting, and to create a proper design framework for future development. 17. Updated the UITipBox_Food script: - Updated tutorial text. 18. Added new sound effects for the Nano Control power set. 19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the light profile. - Updated the skybox profile. - Added the new cloud system. - Updated many buildings to add optimized collision. - Updated many texture to lighter compression versions. - Updated the handling of the night triggers and configured night lighting parameters; NOTE: This still needs a bit of work for performance, but handles turning on night lighting for lamps and vehicles lights. - Updated the biome settings and removed old placeholder rock elements; replaced with new values. - Added new horizon-based fog coloring shader. 20. Updated the fog depth shader to include horizon-based color multiplication. 21. Updated the terrain mesh data: - Updated the terrain mesh and processed the new terrain matrix data. 22. Updated all base Unity packages to their latest releases. 23. Updated to the latest release of Unity 2019 (2019.4.13f1). 24. Updated the ProjectSettings asset file: - Updated many settings to further optimize performance. 25. Added Asgard concept art and references. 26. Added new art for various Skyeline props. 27. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated the road network. - Cleaned up hierarchy. - Updated prop organization. - Added new road props. 28. Updated the AutoLight script: - Updated some methods to optimize performance a bit. *NOTE: This will need a full rewrite to start to perform properly for the open-world pass currently in development. 29. Added new prop art for Skyeline Center. 30. Updated the road models collection: - Optimized all sidewalk elements. - Updated material UV mapping. - Removed material usage. 31. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Updated many materials. - Updated many buildings. - Updated environment prefabs. - Regenerated road network to use the new optimized road elements. 32. Updated all sidewalk prefab: - Updated material usage. - Updated meshes. 33. Updated to the latest Unity 2019.4 release (2019.4.14f1)."

On 11/18/2020 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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