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So any updates at all?

2 years 1 week ago
The last tweet stated we would be updated on the January. The lack of communication is becoming worrisome. Even a random response, tweet, or announcement would show this game still has a pulse. A lot of effort looks to have been put into this game so far. When game creators fail to engage with its audience, interest will be lost and good projects will fail.
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2 users said "Thank You!"
1 year 11 months ago
Thanks for voicing your concerns Juniper. I'd like to provide some details for you. After achieving our first investor milestone, we really had to ground everything and get our plan together to truly utilize that money properly and it took a while to lay out an absolute process. We needed a competent workflow to help us to efficiently utilize that income. We've worked really hard using your investment to build a solid foundation, creating many tools to help our contractors and core members to more easily, efficiently, and effectively create content for the game.

I'm currently getting some visual content imported into the game for our contracted level designer, and I'll be sharing a ton of progress of our new world and character art in the investor section of the forum. I'll be sharing a portion of that progress in our upcoming news post, but want our investors to know that we've been really working hard here and I believe that you'll all be proud of what we've accomplished.

Each and every one of you mean the world to me, and I'm sure I can speak for the team in saying they feel the same. This project has thrived only because of your confidence and belief in our ability to fulfill our promise. I assure you that what we're about to share will impress and it will show you that your investment in the project has been well-placed.
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