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Old Account Silver Tier Donator Download?

1 year 11 months ago
Haven't been on in a long time and wanted to check back in to see how things were coming along. Went to the play game page and was met with this:

"The Valiance Online pre-alpha is over but the Investor Alpha is now live!
Visit if you want to donate and join.

Public Alpha will launch sometime soon depending on how this phase goes."

I have already donated a while ago but it appears that it didn't register that for the investor Alpha.

A question I have, besides my stated problem anyway, is that can I upgrade by paying the difference between tiers? I was thinking about maybe going to Gold.
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1 year 10 months ago

Thanks for your support. Please logout and log back in and navigate to this URL:

Some browsers hold on to old cached data so refreshing the page while logged in won't allow you to see the updated status of the page. We're currently working on a new system for the profile section of the website to allow for download links directly through your account.

Regarding account upgrades, simply purchase your way up to the tier you want and the cost is based on what you have currently donated. We allow supporters to continue to additively contribute to their existing donation amount, unlocking tiers as they donate.
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