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Please set level 1 mobs

  • Chi
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3 years 11 months ago
Hi, Devs.

Please do me a favor and every other new player in Pre-Alpha and set some level 1 mobs. Also can you add in varying level mobs throughout the map? Very tedious running 1000m just for 3 lvl 5 spawns or level 3 spawns that a normal solo level 1 player couldn't dream of defeating. Or without it taking a considerable amount of time.

Thank you so much for looking at this request.

Yours truly,

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  • Haplo
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3 years 11 months ago
When you first spawn, and you are looking at the globe in front of the main building... look to your left and start running. There are usually some level 1 mobs / individuals down on that corner, and down along that side of the building in the lots as well (watch out for the wandering level 19 boss however)

Be sure to loot the damage enhancements that fit your power type and slot them up as you get them. It makes taking out the baddies soooooo much easier I found out!!! :)
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2 years 6 days ago
So far I have found 1 level 1 mob solo, a considerable distance from the starting location.
The rest are all teamed up with level 5's which I cannot take on at level 1.
Can we please set up a few low level groups, if they must be in groups?
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2 years 5 days ago
The OP was almost two years ago, spawns have changed a bit since then :) There is a spawn of a level 1 not far from where you start, but I agree that there should be more.
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  • Fraile
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2 years 4 days ago
Of course, I ve only seen like lvl 1 mobs only three times on all the patches I’ve played since october more or less :blink: .
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