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Q&A Intro: Power & Abilities System

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7 years 6 months ago
Is there full weather manipulation powers available? And if there isn't. will there be anytime soon or is there any at all as a development?
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7 years 6 months ago
This is more of a complement than a question, but just want to say, I like what you guys are doing with the archetypes. The names sound pretty vague and I like it. In Champions you were "bestial supernatural" regardless of your orgins, you were supernatural. Although this is not final, bestial fury, mimetic weaponry, ice melee, broadsword etc sounds vague, and leaves a lot to the imagination, I like it.

Great job on that.
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  • Zenex
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7 years 5 months ago
A lot of powers seems cool, but would it be possible to have less powers with more customization? Well to start off, like if you had different costumes for MM pets
ex. for thugs have a thug costume, mob costume or pirate costume for pets without making three different power sets for a gun themed pet

Or for super strength you could have normal punching animations, but also animal like animations you could choose at character creator or costume change, martial arts could have east asian animations, but also boxing and mma animations as well. I think doing something like that would allow for more custom characters without having to make a different power set for each type of character. It might make things a bit easier for everyone.
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7 years 3 months ago
Jaximus wrote:

Please check topic name before posting general discussion stuff


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  • Emcc
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7 years 3 months ago
Will the origin have any effect on powers, or are they just for flavor and story line.

I always wished CoH gave a minor team boost based on your origin, not to you, but to your team mates
such as Magic +5% to acc, Natural + 5% endurance, Science +5% damage, etc

to cut down on abuse of picking only one origin, the second person on the team with the same origin give +2%, next +1%, etc

It would be cool to see team search message saying we need a Magic Tank, or Science Blaster, etc

the Role players would love this
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5 years 5 months ago
Just signed up today and plan on donating next payday.
I just had a question about the pet classes, specifically regarding customizations.
Will they have any sort of options for their look and animations?
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  • Fraile
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5 years 5 months ago
I always loved camera control with the mouse, but I know that VO it’s an spiritual sucessor from CoX. I would like to see implemeted a melee attack combo with left button and right button with a range attack combo. With alt button to chamge between controlling the camera with the mouse to mouse arrow to select items, missions and inventory. Could this be possible or would be imitated as DCUO but best implemented?
Also, are we going to have void powers/darkness powers or even death magic? As a death powerset/darkness powerset villain, could we have some melee attacks being a range blaster/control blaster and support or controler while using at least ine basic melee attack and custom weapons related to our powers? For example as a reaper I would like to use a big huge scythe to cut my enemies to absorb their soul and shot darkness waves of energy and rays. Is this possible to have one more powerset as a thrid option but with limited options? Sorry for such a weird question.
The Raven observes from the sky. He descends as a death God, and he takes the souls they debt for himself...
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