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Beta Information and FAQ!

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2 years 2 days ago
Hello and welcome to our open beta!

As you might know we're teaming up with Play NYC this year to bring you a sneak peak into the world of Valiance!
We are excited to share this experience with the players, as we've been hard at work getting things in motion.

A small note:
This is a Beta, there will be issues, glitches, bugs, etc. While we've been working on a lot, there is still so much we want to add in the future; as such, some of the things in the game are placeholders until a better system can be worked out. We hope you enjoy your time in San Cielo!

There might be a few things players will have questions about, so this topic will try to answer most of those as easily as possible.
  • What is Play NYC?
  • Since 2017, Play NYC has turned into an annual celebration of games and the people behind them. Ranging from indie companies to bigger named studios; this convention allows for developers to get the word out about their games. You can learn more about Play NYC by clicking

  • What is Valiance?
  • Valiance is a living world superhero MMO. Set at the beginning of the 22nd Century in the city of San Cielo, players take on the roles of heroes and villains who battle using superhuman powers and advanced technology.

  • How long will the Open Beta last?
  • The open beta will be available from August 10th until August 16th.

  • Where do I download the game?
  • A link will be located in this topic as a second reply.

  • Where can we donate?
  • Donations can be given by heading to, from there you will find different tiers of donation. Located in the Bronze donation area you will see a list of rewards, which includes the game itself and access to the investor area, after that each reward follows the same line of donation as many other games. Upon purchasing access of a higher tier, players who purchase will receive all the benefits from the tiers below it.

  • Where do I report issues I find?
  • By cliking you will be taken to the report area where topics can be made for issues found within the game. When constructing your report please provide the information located in the topic posted by staff. It will list information we will need to know so we can determine cause of the issue.

    We hope you enjoy your time in the world of Valiance!
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    2 years 1 day ago
    Thank you for your patience! The link is now live!

    If you're in our discord, you might know that for a while today we were just awaiting the files to archive into the downloadable file. However, when we ran the test before sending out the link we ran into a kink, we were trying to flush out the system as of right now to stop these from hindering game-play. We had a few setbacks over the weekend which caused our launch time to be pushed back, and for that we apologize.

    The good news is! We will have a launcher update as well, so keep an eye out for that! We wanted you guys to be able to play, and the main focus is achieved.
    We will be updating the game itself over the week to improve overall testing, as well as sending out the donor rewards.

    If you need to report anything there is an in-game report feature, as well as a forum area here for reports to be compiled. This will assist us in narrowing down areas with the most problems.

    NOTE 2:

    I would say back away slowly but umm… I think I’ll just shoot you.
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