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Patch Notes - 7/29/16

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1. Added new server synced day cycle system
- The time of day is tracked by the server, and will be used to create various situations, based on time
- This includes things such as some nefarious NPCs appearing at night to work with villains or certain plants growing or withering during certain times during the day
2. Added new combat and status effects
3. Implemented the first portion of the new male character and its customization
4. Added player gold and item trading
5. Added a vastly improved social framework
6. Added Alliances (guilds)
7. Began a massive overhaul on the starting area
8. Added a new dynamic audio playback system that is capable procedural and randomized audio playback
9. Added the archetype system
10. Added the pool power system
11. Added support for multi-bar icon slotting
- You can place an ability icon within any slot on any bar


1. Transitioned the product to the Unity 5.4
2. Rewrote the entirety of our UI system to utilize Unity's new UI system which has far better performance
3. Began implementing an improve loading methodology, starting with the scene loading process
- This will eventually expand to better RAM and hardware performance results
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