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Weekly Community Schedule

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3 years 2 months ago
In case you missed the blog where this was mentioned... As part of our effort to be more transparent and interact with the community more, we've launched the following schedule of posts or activities:
  • Monday - Community Developer Day: We'll post a topic and you'll tell us how you'd handle it if you were developing the game instead of us.
  • Tuesday - Lore Release Day: We'll share a sample of lore from our game's universe.
  • Wednesday - Heroes/Villains Face Off Day: We'll pit your heroes against our villains, or your villains against our heroes and see who the community feels would win. A special forum thread will be opened for character submissions and a detailed template will be provided.
  • Thursday - Top Screenshots/Videos Day: We'll compile our favorite screenshots and videos of gameplay from the latest Alpha build, and share them on our site and social media outlets.
  • Friday - Patch/Week in Review Day: We'll post an in-depth review of progress made throughout the week, and share any significant news that should accompany that progress. Once the Alpha has launched, Friday will be target patch days with the goal being to have updates available just in time for the weekend./li>
  • Saturday - Dev Talk Livestream Day: We'll be in-game interacting with players while following up on the fidelity of our patch release from Friday.
  • Sunday - Power Recharge Day: We'll most likely be relaxing on this day and preparing for Monday, but may be hanging around in-game observing.
While not part of the original list, we'll also be posting Weekly Development Updates as well.
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