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Coming Soon: Alpha Patch 0.1.0

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4 years 8 months ago
We're preparing the first alpha patch as well as a blog outlining some of what is included in this patch as well as plans for alpha testing moving forward.

This patch will include:

- Character creator 3.0 (more details soon)

- The individual body region modification system which lets you customize arms and legs separate from the body (for example, evil scientists gave you one metal arm).

- Unified outfits and their components so everything has a standard (i.e. long gloves always go to the same point, short gloves go to a specific point, sleeves or pant legs can now cover gloves or boots, etc.)

- Final elements of the new website design including merging the game and web server database for unified logins

There will be many updates to powers and other systems in future patches which we will discuss in the blog.

Best GUESS is this patch will be ready by the end of this month but we will keep you posted.
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