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Week in Review - 6/10/17

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Posts were delayed due to pet control power groups fixes. Week in Review is below and screenshots will be next!
  1. This week's primary focus has been on the continued development of the game server to website server bridge
  2. This week's secondary focus has been on applying the bridge's principle features to the game's server and client
  3. This week's tertiary focus has been on implementing the pet controller power sets to complete the Alpha's powers list
  4. Implemented the donator, moderator, and restricted classifications for the bridge; we're now able to provide unique access to donators, moderators, and developers
  5. Implemented new web tools to allow the site to interface the game server to gather details for the power groups, power sets, powers, characters, and character attributes/properties to populate various sections of the website
  6. Added a power set for the Commander, Director, and Leader pet control power groups
  7. Developed the basic functionality for the implementation of the Partner pet control power group; a partner being a single pet character equal to that of the common sidekick
  8. Improved the overall flow of the character generation process and expanded body and face sculpting potential
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