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Investor Alpha - Patch Notes

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4 years 4 months ago
August 1, 2017

  • Fixed power set animation syncing which prevented many powers from working
  • Resolved animation issue with spine bone decoupling
  • Added particle effects and weapons to most power sets
  • Added appropriate appearance to Perps mobs
  • Added collision to all solid objects
  • Added trees to most grass lots
  • Added footsteps and character voices to player models
  • Fixed serverside XP bug that reset at level 4 and only required 1 XP to level to all of the next levels
  • Fixed XP bar value tracking
  • Fixed Rowan Oake Plant Control power set
  • Fixed Healing Energy's leveling values; healing now works appropriately and effectively
  • Replace all signature character test customizations with appropriate player customizations
  • Fixed issues with female character model being able to utilize customizations that weren't meant to be accessible
  • Add more environment art
  • Increased overall performance
  • Implemented proper restrictions to ensure that power sets not meant to be used aren't available

  • There is an issue with the client that often results in the client missing the servers handshake, resulting in the server ignoring the client's later attempts at connecting. This is resolved by closing the client and reconnecting. If the server times out on the client after you created a character, it will be available when reconnecting after the application reboot. This issue is being resolved now
  • This issue has compromised mission instance entrances as players aren't able to load out of the main world instance at the moment. Resolving this issue will allow us to open the warehouse, laboratory, sewer, and office mission instances. We're working diligently to fix this problem to make all missions properly available.
  • "The Hands on the Watch" quest should be fixed. Please test and let us know!

Coming Soon!
  1. Power sets will be greatly improved
  2. The third phase of the combat system will be complete; all attribute systems and combat-leveling will be accomplished; the very core of the combat system will be complete
  3. Bio-Engineering will become the first available profession and the world will be progressively populated with harvestable or salveagable items for creating unique amplifiers (consumable items)
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4 years 3 months ago
August 4, 2017

The Updates
  • Fixed scene transition bug that forced a player to have to exit the entire game build in order to login successfully after leaving the game
  • Fixed character generator reference IDs so that the item you see in the chargen accurately reflects the worn item in-game
  • Fixed mob ranged weapon draw times
  • Updated NPC appearances
  • Fixed more animation references and visual effects cues for more power sets (a comprehensive list of the remaining changes will be posted in the investor forums)
  • Updated more power group references to ensure that players aren't able to access power sets that aren't combat ready
  • Added visual effect cues to many status effects
  • Added new animations for the snared (both limbs), snared (legs), and choked by vines stun animation

The Notes

As stated above, the scene loading error has been corrected, meaning that we're now able to allow players to load into instances to facilitate mission completion on all interior-dependent mission. We were going to halt this patch to include the interior, but it would have pushed the release out a few days as we'd have to test all interiors, rebuild the latest client, and process a much more massive collective scenes into launcher payloads. Therefore, a large patch is coming within the next few days to return the Alpha to its appropriate playable state.

Coming Soon!
  • More power set improvements are in the pipeline and ready for the next patch.
  • The combat system v3 is awaiting a few more features to be ready for testing.
  • Mob AI is being dramatically overhauled to improve their overall performance and reaction to play notifications.
  • Crafting is nearly for testing and consumable amplifiers are being finalized now.
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4 years 1 month ago
October 29, 2017

The Updates
  • Added many new animations for all power sets
  • Added new visual effects for all power sets
  • Added new interior architecture for interior missions
  • Added many new NPCs and missions; updated a few older missions and NPCs
  • Updated the Perpetrator models to use their new character models and outfits
  • Updated the King models to use their new character models and outfits
  • Added the new Civic Center starting building
  • Updated many regions of the current Skyeline starting area
  • Started the first phase of optimization for the Skyeline starting area
  • Added new character generator content including slider functionality, new shaders for heavy armor suits, and more general character customizations
  • Added new power sets including the pet controller power sets Tactical Soldiers and Cyber Special Forces
  • Updated many power sets to improve their overall playability; fixed many that had overall issues
  • Added new status effects including movement decrease, frozen, knocked down, and reinstated the knockback functionality
  • Added new combat properties including Defense, Accuracy, ToHit (buff), and ToHit (debuff)
  • Transitioned a large amount of the game's non-essential networking functionality to the client, dramatically improving the client-to-server communication infrastructure
  • Added new enhancement categories including tier 1 and tier 2 enhancements; level 1-20 enhancements
  • Added the foundation for the bio-engineer crafting profession; a new NPC trainer will be added to the Tronne Bio-Engineering building which will be added in an upcoming patch to walk players through crafting
The Notes

Two further patches are in the process of being prepared for upload and will complete this patching cycle.
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3 years 10 months ago
January 25, 2018

The Updates
  • Fixed the Healing Energy power set's Pure Energy Wave particle to only show on the effects target and not on the player; it's an ally-only heal (Heal Over Time) effect
  • Fixed the Healing Energy power set's Purify properties removed the minor damage from the ability; to the player that was killed by the developer attempting to purify them, he is sorry
  • Added the Attack ability to all pet controller archetype power sets; these are available immediately upon entering the world but must be assigned manually from the power set window
  • Fixed female character weapon mount node
  • Fixed rifle attacks AttackHook functionality; improved the flow of automatic firing
  • Added the new selection shader with improved visibility and outline accuracy; there are also settings for it in the option menu
  • Updated vertex shader solution on nature elements to create a full and volumetric look on grass
  • Added new glass walking surface to the Civic Center platform so that players no longer have to travel through water or take a long path to the front entrance
  • Updated non-player characters and made more outdoor missions available
  • Added new scaling sliders to the male and female base human characters. NOTE: We haven't completely implemented per value slider restrictions so it is very possible to over exaggerate body elements by combining values that aren't meant to be combine in some ways
  • Improved the overhead label and floaty number component rendering; this should resolve the massive floating number rendering completely
  • Optimized nearly all environment elements and implemented another layer of GPU instancing for better overall machine performance
  • Added new in-combat states to all locomotion animations to improve the in-combat locomotion presentation

The Notes

This release introduces many new mobs in the outdoor environment which may create some performance degradation since the last release. We're still working to optimize the outdoor areas as well as mob rendering, so please share your findings with us in the forum.

The Upcoming Patches
  • The reintroduction of mission interiors with the new interior scaling presentation
  • Improved mob intelligence and skill usage
  • More general environment improvements
  • More female customizations
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