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Ragdoll physics are a bit much

  • KidRad
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4 years 9 months ago
When you kill badguys, the crumple into a ball. Ragdoll physics are cool and all, but that is a bit much. Maybe a knock back when they die, so they fall on their back, could help with this, or maybe having them just extending their arms and legs somehow so they aren't in the fetal position. Not sure, but overall, it looks silly right now. The same thing happens when you are killed. Looks like you fell from a 100 story building with your limbs all disjointed.
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  • Mandrake
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4 years 9 months ago
I agree they need to stiffen it up a little bit... but not by much... that was one of the best memories, and is still one of the best parts yet again in VO - punching a bad guy and sending him for half a football field into a crumpled, passed out and lifeless floppy heap. lol

We are supposed to have mega strength, not just sucker punching people after all :)
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