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5 years 2 months ago
I know this game is only in Alpha testing and I don’t expect a lot out of it in this phase but I’ve listed out some of the issues I’ve found in game. This is not criticism but feedback from a long time CoH player. I can’t find any information on the website as far as what is in development but I do hope this information can be of value to the developers. I’ll try to give more feedback as I run across other issues.

1) In Game Map
(a) Should be able to zoom out map to include entire zone.
(b) Need names on map to help find places—(Specific buildings, Contacts, etc.)
(c) Should have the ability to pin locations on map for destination markers to appear in game (direction, distance too)

(a) Locations of mission objectives, such as (destroy 5 lap equipment, disable 8 fire bombs) should disappear after each objective is completed. In these instances when you destroy a piece of lap equipment there should only be 4 markers left but 5 markers still remain so you have to run around and guess which one’s you still need. Same with the fire bombs. Number of items left to do -- #/5 equipment, #/8 bombs reverts back to 0/5..0/8 in mission status until you click on the next one then shows correctly for a short while and reverts back to 0/5..0/8
(b) Perps respawn inside missions…this should never occur, once a section of the inside mission map has been cleared of perps it should remain clear for the duration of the mission. I feel this is a crucial aspect for inside missions since this is where most players will socially interact on teams.
(c) Contacts should be designated with names and markers on the map instead of having to run around and click on all the NPC’s to find a mission.
(d) Once a mission is received then the object should be marked. Point being have a current mission to take down the security barrier but have no idea of where the objective is located. This is the only current mission or contact I found as of yet so down to basically street sweeping, which is boring since lvl 9 is the highest perp I’ve found on the street.

3)Game Play in General
(a) I’m a brawler at lvl 8 and I can stand engage with a lvl 9 let and not take any damage. Doesn’t matter what powerset you are you should never be able to do this without taking some damage at this lvl.
(b) Mouse curser sometimes disappears and becomes unresponsive in game which then you must close out of the game and log back in to fix.
(c) Movement has been slowed down to a slow walk because inventory is full but can’t drop or sell anything out of inventory. This makes it very boring as it takes forever to get anywhere and there is nothing you can do to change it.
(d) Just got the hover power in the travel power set but nothing happens when you activate it, no hover animation or lifting from the ground.

UPDATE: Logged back into the game last night and was able to drop and sell Inventory Items, must have been a glitch and resolved itself when game restarted. Was on for about 30-45 min when I lost the mouse pointer, had to ctrl,alt,del to close out of the game.
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