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San Cielo

4 years 11 months ago

Welcome to San Cielo, the crown jewel of California. Founded upon the former city of San Diego, San Cielo has become the largest hub of technological advancements and enterprise in the world. Similarly the metropolis caters to a thriving super hero community and alien population that is the envy of all nations.

Skyeline Centre

While the city center is only 14 years old, it has a distinguished history that every visitor should know. In 2089 at the height of the Super and Hyper uprising, a terrorist attack was reported in San Diego that threatened the lives of everyone in the city. Valor, an organization dedicated to protecting the citizens of the world from the threat of super-powered beings, were called in to protect and evacuate civilians while disposing of a weapon of mass destruction before it could decimate the harbor city.

Elise Landvik, codename Glimmer, volunteered to disarm the device thinking her ability to neutralize electric currents would render the device inert. Unbeknownst to anyone she was tricked by the villainous organization Leviathan and instead of diffusing the fake device it caused her to draw all the power from the entire western seaboard and detonate.

The blast was so enormous that over ten square miles of the city were instantly vaporized in a blinding explosion and the resultant land decimation drew in water from the Pacific Ocean creating a flash tsunami that flooded and destroyed all property and land for another 20 miles in each direction. While this seemed a victory for Leviathan, it was in truth to become the world’s finest hour. Every nation rallied, every resource given, every human and alien devoted to the cause of rebuilding the once former city. Super heroes the world round worked day and night with engineers and master builders from the known galaxy to rebuild not only a superior infrastructure, but a city never seen before in our lifetime. That resultant master endeavor became San Cielo.

Completed in 2095, the Prisma Celeste memorial garden was dedicated to the men and women, hero and civilian alike, that paid the ultimate price over a decade ago. Now the city is a beacon to the future. Every nuance of progress and innovation is personified in elaborate buildings, dynamic cityscapes, and progressive businesses.

The areas of the city that comprise the totality of San Cielo include: Skyeline, Iron Valley, Edison Way, Harbor View, Colin Heights, Industry Canyon, Worthham Mesa and Playa Delgado. Each is a unique and integral part of the city with varying degrees of native culture and uniqueness. If you have the time, it is encouraged to visit everything San Cielo has to offer.

A.I.S.H.A. Terminal

So what’s there to see and do during your first visit to San Cielo? Come visit the business district and see the landmark towers of the diamond corporations. Cyber Assemblies shows off the latest cybernetic and android products for physical augmentation and automated service robots. Predator Weapons Incorporated is rolling out the latest line-up of home defense and non-lethal passive deterrence for the everyday family. Looking for a bit more excitement? How about visiting Tronne Bio-Engineering and getting those vanity pounds to vanish or even give your life a makeover with one of their revolutionary serums? Last but not least of the four; Haelan Nano-Technology. Make your ailments a thing of the past with next generation nanite body repair or simply attend one of their many seminars regarding the future of human and alien anatomy.

Still not intrigued? How about a full day taking advantage of all the conveniences Skyeline Centre has to offer? Do some day shopping at El Serenidad Department Store, San Cielo’s premiere indoor clothing boutique followed by a wholesome stop at Cerei’s grocery to pick up just the right things for a perfect dinner. Less of a shopper and more of a do-it-yourselfer? Arden’s Hardware has everything you need to get the biggest and best home décor ideas unseen by most of the world.

If you’re looking to stir up the cultural side of the city, take a day tour to the Skyeline Centre Police Station, Fire Station, City Hall and Landvik Memorial Hospital as the civil servants of the city showcase the latest technologies and methods for keeping the city safe against super villains as well as giving a historical tour highlighting the Uprising.

Whatever you’re looking for San Cielo has it all for you!

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3 years 5 months ago
sexy :) very nice, very nice, how much for zi little one ? :P cant wait till alpha access
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3 years 5 months ago
JonathanWilliams wrote:
So what’s there to see and do during your first visit to San Cielo?

Most likely comparing apartment prices & hope for something not too far away from my heroes normal person identity day job. :)
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3 years 2 months ago
I'm just here for the tacos.

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3 years 2 months ago
I've been an Exhibitor at San Diego comic con for the past ten years. This storyline makes me imagine San Cielo's convention center. San Cielo Comic Con 2095: Where heroes triumph novie stars.
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3 years 3 weeks ago
how do i download the game
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1 year 1 month ago
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