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Behold... Paramount!

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David Haelen is one of the oldest humans living today without advanced medicines. Either by some miracle fluke of the gene pool or some secret kept by his deceased parents, the legendary hero of the new millennium remained a steady symbol of heroism for over one hundred years. Discarding his name ages ago, he lives by his pseudonym, Paramount. He is the most recognized super hero on the planet and founder of the world-famous Valor organization.

Dedicated to the safety of those around him, he values the lives of those around him, never thinking himself superior because of his incredible longevity. He uses his decades of experience to not only protect people in San Cielo and around the world, but he also teaches Valor recruits and instills the values of a protector of the people into each member. To him, humility is the most important part of being a hero. The moment you think you are better than everyone else is when you start becoming the worst the world has to offer.

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