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August 1, 2017

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The Patch Updates:
- Fixed power set animation syncing which prevented many powers from working
- Resolved animation issue with spine bone decoupling; fixed the rubberbanding waist for some stun animations
- Added particle effects and weapons to most power sets
- Added appropriate appearance to Perpetrator mobs
- Added collision to all solid objects
- Added trees to most grass lots
- Added footsteps and character voices to player models
- Fixed serverside xp bug that reset at level 4 and only required 1 xp to level to all of the next levels
- Fixed xp bar's value tracking
- Fixed Rowan Oaks Plant Control power set
- Fixed Healing Energy's leveling values; healing now works appropriately and effectively
- Replace all signature character test customizations with appropriate player customizations
- Fixed issues with female character model being able to utilize customizations that weren't meant to be accessible
- Add more environment art
- Increased overall performance
- Implemented proper restrictions to ensure that power sets not meant to be used aren't available
- Fixed spawning issue with the Watchman mob; the Family Matters mission can now be completed

The Notes:
- There is an issue with the client that often results in the client missing the servers handshake, resulting in the server ignoring the client's later attempts at connecting. This is resolved by closing the client and reconnecting. If the server times out on the client after you created a character, it will be available when reconnecting after the application reboot. This issue is being resolved now.
- This issue has compromised mission instance entrances as players aren't able to load out of the main world instance at the moment. Resolving this issue will allow us to open the warehouse, laboratory, sewer, and office mission instances. We're working diligently to fix this problem to make all missions properly available.

Coming Soon:

- Power Sets will be greatly improved
- The third phase of the combat system will be complete; all attribute systems and combat-leveling will be accomplished; the very core of the combat system will be complete
- Bio-Engineering will become the first avaialable profession and the world will be progressively populated with harvestable or salvagable items for creating unique amplifiers (consumable items)
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