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August 4, 2017

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The Patch Updates:
- Fixed scene transition bug that forced a player to have to exit the entire game build in order to login successfully after leaving the game
- Fixed character generator reference IDs so that the item you see in the chargen accurately reflects the worn item in-game
- Fixed mob ranged weapon draw times
- Updated NPC appearances
- Fixed more animation references and visual effects cues for more power sets (a comprehensive list of the remaining changes will be posted in the investor forums)
- Updated more power group references to ensure that players aren't able to access power sets that aren't combat ready
- Added visual effect cues to many status effects
- Added new animations for the snared (both limbs), snared (legs), and choked by vines stun animation

The Notes:
- As stated above, the scene loading error has been corrected, meaning that we're now able to allow players to load into instances to facilitate mission completion on all interior-dependent mission. We were going to halt this patch to include the interior, but it would have pushed the release out a few days as we'd have to test all interiors, rebuild the latest client, and process a much more massive collective scenes into launcher payloads. Therefore, a large patch is coming within the next few days to return the Alpha to its appropriate playable state.

Coming Soon:
- More power set improvements are in the pipeline and ready for the next patch.
- The combat system v3 is awaiting a few more features to be ready for testing.
- Mob AI is being dramatically overhauled to improve their overall performance and reaction to play notifications.
- Crafting is nearly for testing and consumable amplifiers are being finalized now.
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