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October 29, 2017

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The Patch Updates:
- Added many new animations for all power sets
- Added new visual effects for all power sets
- Added new interior architecture for interior missions
- Added many new NPCs and missions; updated a few older missions and NPCs
- Updated the Perpetrator models to use their new character models and outfits
- Updated the King models to use their new character models and outfits
- Added the new Civic Center starting building
- Updated many regions of the current Skyeline starting area
- Started the first phase of optimization for the Skyeline starting area
- Added new character generator content including slider functionality, new shaders for heavy armor suits, and more general character customizations
- Added new power sets including the pet controller power sets Tactical Soldiers and Cyber Special Forces
- Updated many power sets to improve their overall playability; fixed many that had overall issues
- Added new status effects including movement decrease, frozen, knocked down, and reinstated the knockback functionality
- Added new combat properties including Defense, Accuracy, ToHit (buff), and ToHit (debuff)
- Transitioned a large amount of the game's non-essential networking functionality to the client, dramatically improving the client-to-server communication infrastructure
- Added new enhancement categories including tier 1 and tier 2 enhancements; level 1-20 enhancements
- Added the foundation for the bio-engineer crafting profession; a new NPC trainer will be added to the Tronne Bio-Engineering building which will be added in an upcoming patch to walk players through crafting

The Notes:
- Two further patches are in the process of being prepared for upload and will complete this patching cycle. Once this patch is complete, this note will be removed.
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