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December 26, 2017

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The Patch Updates:
- Updated nearly all of combat animations
- Replaced all placeholder visual effects with actual visual effects
- Updated environment atmosphere shading, caching most of the operational details to greatly improve performance
- Updated NPC, their positioning, and their missions
- Rebuilt lightmapping for San Cielo and its interiors
- Added new character customizations for both the male and the female base characters
- Added new combat status effects
- Applied new status effects to various power sets' abilities
- Removed the need to draw a new weapon for secondary abilities; this will be further improved in the near feature to present a dual weapon draw animation for all weapon types
- Added new icons for all enhancements type
- Completed the foundation of the website server and game server bridge and testing is in-progress; this means that another wipe is coming in a few days once the system becomes active
- Added fundamental technology to accompany the bridge to allow for making rewards available for our donators

The Notes:
- We had to wipe the servers for this release as it has many fundamental changes to the power set system and the character systems that requires a fresh account and new characters.
- Our site-to-game bridge will conclude testing within the next two days and will once again require that we wipe that server for the final coupling and the transition of the account database. So please consider this before investing time into creating a new account and characters

The Upcoming Patches:
- A full suite of facial and body sliders for both the male and female character models
- Adding a selection of outfit customizations for the female character model
- New visual effects for the Healing Energy and Iron Resolve power sets
- The first iteration of the City Hall platform with first-passes on all of the buildings; this will be the actual starting area for the game once complete
- New interiors for missions to include boss mobs and more objectives
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