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January 6, 2018

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The Patch Updates:
- Added the new physically based map packing solution to improve performance; reintroduced specular materials on environment and characters models
- Added new rocks and foliage to the Civic Center building platform
- Fixed the alignment of all weapons held by player characters and combatant characters
- Fixed errors with Commander pets not doing appropriate damage versus some buffed mobs
- Improved the health, power, and damage of the Tactical Soldiers power set's pets
- The pets within the Tactical Soldiers power set now move at the same speed as the player character
- Fixed errors with Iron Resolve's taunt to do apply temporary aggro instead of permanent aggro
- Improved the effectiveness of the Healing Energy power set
- Fixed errors that often prevented the Healing Energy power set's ability Pure Energy Wave from doing Healing Over Time to allies with a similar buff
- Implemented the first pass iteration of the Revive (resurrect) ability type; this allows for proper implementation of Reviving Energy and Reservoir of the Healing Energy power set
- Added new status effect icons for the Healing Energy and Iron Resolve power sets
- Improved damage over time and many status effect calculations and durations for all power sets currently utilizing them
- Added visual effects and sound effects to most power set abilities that were lacking those elements
- Resolved issue with some frost and fire projectiles causing shader model rendering errors which crashed the game on many PC builds; thanks for your patience while waiting on us to resolve these problems
- Fixed inappropriately assigned status effects assigned to Super Strength's ability Enrage
- Added new versions of impact effects for impact, blocked, and missed states
- Added new "perch" abilities for mobs that encounter players that have reached a level beyond their traversal and that are still taking heavy damage
- Fixed some errors related to the progression of the first 2 missions
- Implemented a temporary solution for the massive damage text rendering occasionally, caused by inaccurate distance translations of overhead labels
- Added Defense and Accuracy modifier enhancements to mob drops
- The NPC Honey McAllister now sells more enhancements and can now buy from the player

The Notes:
- We're still testing and sealing up some security issues regarding the website server to game server bridge, so the wipe is being pushed back until further notice
- A few power sets are having visual and sound effects added to them now, but they should still function according to their descriptions, and you should still see damage or status effect reports when attacks are triggered
- The overhead label text has a temporary workaround because we have to significantly rewrite how the distant rendering of the overhead labels work and didn't want to delay this hotfix any longer
- When far enough away from an overhead label with floating damaging text, you'll notice the label being forced down within the dynamics of the overhead label, creating this weird tilted appearance; that is not a bug and is intended as part of the workaround
- Enhancement boost and mod values are all currently showing as 0, but their values do exist; the decimal values are being cast to integers after being rounded up, so 0.03% is being rounded up and cast to 0 so use the value of the enhancement as a sign of it's worth
- Tactical Soldier still doesn't have a command ability to tell your pets to attack, but that will be coming in the next patch; you have the option to choose the ability Rifle Burst as your first attack or move into enemy attack range to trigger your pet's attacks

The Upcoming Patches:
- A full suite of facial and body sliders for both the male and female character models
- Adding a selection of outfit customizations for the female character model
- The first iteration of the City Hall platform with first-passes on all of the buildings; this will be the actual starting area for the game once complete
- New interiors for missions to include boss mobs and more objectives
- The introduction of the Manipulator archetype, a crowd control specialist
- The new Leader power set, Cyber Special Forces
- An enormous amount of environment updates including new architecture to replace the placeholder buildings, many new street props and interactive environment objects, the re-implemntation of A.I.S.H.A. (Former M.U.S.E.), and new non-player characters and models
- The trial area, "The Overgrowth" with a huge artistic overhaul include defined paths, area hazards, corrupted insects and animals, and the updated Rowan Oake mobs with new more dynamic artificial intelligence behaviors and powers
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