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January 25, 2018

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The Patch Updates:
- Fixed the Healing Energy power set's Pure Energy Wave particle to only show on the effects target and not on the player; it's an ally-only heal (Heal Over Time) effect
- Fixed the Healing Energy power set's Purify properties removed the minor damage from the ability; to the player that was killed by the developer attempting to purify them, he is sorry
- Added the Attack ability to all pet controller archetype power sets; these are available immediately upon entering the world but must be assigned manually from the power set window
- Fixed female character weapon mount node
- Fixed rifle attacks AttackHook functionality; improved the flow of automatic firing
- Added the new selection shader with improved visibility and outline accuracy; there are also settings for it in the option menu
- Updated vertex shader solution on nature elements to create a full and volumetric look on grass
- Added new glass walking surface to the Civic Center platform so that players no longer have to travel through water or take a long path to the front entrance
- Updated non-player characters and made more outdoor missions available
- Added new scaling sliders to the male and female base human characters
- NOTE: We haven't completely implemented per value slider restrictions so it is very possible to over exaggerate body elements by combining values that aren't meant to be combine in some ways
- Improved the overhead label and floaty number component rendering; this should resolve the massive floating number rendering completely
- Optimized nearly all environment elements and implemented another layer of GPU instancing for better overall machine performance
- Added new in-combat states to all locomotion animations to improve the in-combat locomotion presentation

The Notes:
- This release introduces many new mobs in the outdoor environment which may create some performance degradation since the last release. We're still working to optimize the outdoor areas as well as mob rendering, so please share your findings with us in the forum.

The Upcoming Patches:
- The reintroduction of mission interiors with the new interior scaling presentation
- Improved mob intelligence and skill usage
- More general environment improvements
- More female customizations
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