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February 28, 2018

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The Patch Updates:
- Updated the female character to utilize an identical bone structure to the males for mesh instancing support
- Added more female customizations for both outfits and hairs
- Created a universal scaling system for both the male and female character models
- Added new sliders supportive of the new scaling system
- NOTE: We weren't able to get all of the slider properties included in this release but they will be available in the following patch
- Added more missions and resolved logic issues with missions that were compromised in the last patch
- Began the process of reintroducing mission interiors
- NOTE: Many interiors will be reopened in the following patch as they are being optimized for better overall performance until mission instancing technology is implemented
- Updated all low-level enhancements and removed mid and high-level enhancements until our level restriction technology can be completed
- Updated the San Cielo environment; adding new buildings, vehicles, road elements, and props
- Improved player animator controller transitions for the male and female characters
- NOTE: The female model is awaiting a few more animations to individualize her animations
- Improved the handling of the static entity system which resolves many issues with in-world scripted interactors both NPCs and other static objects
- Updated many power sets and ability properties to include stat changes, sound effects, and visual effects queues
- Updated the skin shader to be more performant and dynamically instanced

The Notes:
- Interiors are abundant with mobs and are mostly void of decoration for the moment. This is to facilitate interior traffic during this current phase of testing, and to further ensure that everyone had combatants to engage and room to traverse the interior space. We're now planning the implementation of interior instancing and are looking to have an early preview available soon.
- There are a few known issues with mission tracking erroring and causes unexpected delays in real-time updates, such as grabbing a mission object yet the tracking element still remains on-screen. We're resolving this in the following patch.
- A few power sets don't have sound effects or visual effects at the moment, but those will be updated in the following patch.

The Upcoming Patches:
- The addition of many more interiors both open-world and closed-instances
- The addition of more mission and revamps to current missions
- More general environment improvements
- More female customizations
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