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March 30, 2018

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3 years 8 months ago
This patch is primarily a technical patch focused on performance updates, preparation for new tools and content, and rewriting code to improve overall gameplay.


- Completed the first phase of the animation system rewrite; transitioned further into full and proper usage of our engine's animation tech
- Added new layers of performances improvements to the rendering pipeline, including improvements to the handling of the cell/sector based loading/unloading tech
- Optimized a significant amount of code to reduce network data distribution for better network performance
- Updated many environment physics volumes to improvement in-game performance
- Added new female customization; NOTE: a few of the customizations are still awaiting color masks and aren't individually colorable

The Upcoming Patches

- Preparing to patch in the new tier categories for donators to provide reward access in-game
- Wrapping up the new content release including 12 missions arcs for the Civic Center area as well as the new art and 3 mission arcs for the City Hall area of Skeyline
- Rewrite of our module and material handling system to dramatically improve loading into menu scenes and into and out of world/interior instances
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