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A unique mantle stamped with your name to pass on

7 years 2 months ago
I had a thought. How about a mantle, one per founder/whatever-you-want-to-call-it account, stamped with the name of whatever character you decide to designate as your main, that gives a 25% XP boost when used in a costume design until level 10 or something and then a healthy one-time XP bonus for passing it on to a new player. Every time a mantle is passed on to new noobs, characters who have worn it get a tiny boost to some fame/infamy equivalent. A history of who gave it to whom with some silly tweet-length message the gifter has to fill in is attached to each mantle and there can never be more of them then there were at launch. And an account that has been gifted to can never be gifted to again so no passing through an alt-chain.

It would be kind of awesome if the founding player could actually set a name, attach a logo and set a color/texture for their mantle that would be forever fixed. Think about it:
Captain Teerex wishes to pass on a mantle to you that will grant you a 25% XP bonus until level 10 and then 50% of remaining XP to your next level when you pass it on to a player lower than level 5 or XXX credits if you pass it on after level 20. He offers "The Safety Blankey of OedipusComplex".
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