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"Status: Unconnected"

4 years 11 months ago
So I have been away from the game for couple a months and wanted to come back to it recently and see what's new. When starting the game it didn't give the option to log in only the text saying I was unconnected. I'm assuming that during my absence a newer version of the game came out with a new launcher and/or access link to start the game. My question being if that is indeed that case (and not some other issue, also it's not my firewall I already had that issue before and fixed it) do I need to email an administrator or customer service to receive a new access link/launcher or is it something donors can find just on the website and I'm just not seeing it.
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4 years 11 months ago
I'm unsure when the last time you played/logged in was, but we're on version 10 now.

You can check the version edit dates in the investor forum to see when the new versions were released.

You also could have been trying to log in during a time that we were patching and had the servers down.

Hopefully we can figure out what the issue is! :)
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