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Is there some way WE can support YOU?

1 year 1 month ago
I'm sure with the pandemic, recession etc the whole team has been under a lot of strain, especially those of you who have been working on this passion project whilst actually working for a living. Besides funding the project, is there anything else we as a fanbase can help with?

I'm sure some of us have experience in story writing, graphic design and all kinds of other skills that could benefit. I'm in support and taking my first steps in coding so maybe in the coming months/years I can put some of that to use here. It'd be a real shame to see this project disintegrate after all the time, effort and faith that has been put into it, and if there's enough people still around who agree with me maybe we can think about organising a dynamic "odd job" list or something so we know where you guys are most under strain?
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