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CoX Characters

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5 years 6 months ago

Hot Nerd 50 Katana/Regen Scrapper
Earth Crystals: 50 Earth Emp (Frequent Hamidon Raids, more HO than IO!)
NerdyKyle(?): 50 ss/invuln Tank
Poo On A Stick: 50 Stone/Granite Tank
XBL 38 peacebringer(?)
???? 50 Fire/Kinetics Controller
Sonicizer: 50 Sonic/Sonic Defender


Kyal: 50 Archery/Dev Blaster
MindRad(?) 50 Mind/Radiation Controller

I don't remember what else right now.
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5 years 4 months ago
Bloodtide 50 elec/??? Blaster
C J 50 Spines/Regen (I know, they allowed spaces!)

Skattershot 50 Bots/Miasma Mastermind
Nate Gray 50 Mercs/Miasma Mastermind
Connie Gray 50 Thugs/Miasma Mastermind
Darien Gray 50 Ninjas/Miasma Mastermind
Sister Mary Gray 50 Zombie/Miasma Mastermind
Desdemona Gray 50 Demons/Miasma Mastermind

(Sorry, I liked the Miasma Class! :P )

"The Beast" Sarcophogus SS/Willpower Brute
Sepulchera Elec Melee/Willpower Brute
Dark Casket Dark Melee/Willpower Brute
Vessel Elec ????/Willpower Brute
Entombed Axe/Willpower Brute

(Again. sorry, I liked the WP Class! :P )
This is just what I remember right off the bat...sorry
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5 years 4 months ago

I'm here from CoX as well

Really too many to name them all but


Invincible - Scrapper- Dark / invulnerability
Prestige -Kheldian -Peacebringer
Resist - Brute- Electric/Electric
Treatment - Blaster - Assult/ Devices

And more and more. But these were the guys that I always came back too.
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5 years 4 months ago
Server: Virtue!

Here are my main characters.

City of Heroes:

Sincereagape Level 50 - Archery/Energy Blaster
Chris P. Lettuce Level - Fire/Energy Blaster

City of Villains

Huntsman Agape Level 50 - Thugs/Trick Arrow Mastermind
Randy Rudabaugh Level 50 - Rad/Rad Corrupter
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5 years 4 months ago
Tsoo Chef - 50 Katana Scrapper
Ernest Borg 9 - 50 Robo Mastermind

Those are the ones that jump to mind. Had lots of others, but the memory isn't cooperating with me at the moment. :huh:
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5 years 4 months ago

Backalleybroiler chicken man tank inv/ss
Black knight stone/em tank
clucknorris chickenman martial arts scrapper
Lady microwave rad/rad defender
many many others
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5 years 4 months ago
Well, let's see how many I can remember...

LIBERTY (where I kept my heroes)

Kurrent (MAIN) -- 50 elec/energy Blaster
Violet Vengeance -- 50 TA/archery Defender
Ganymeade -- 50 human-form Warshade
Styxis 50 -- emapathy/dark blast Defender
Daphne Dark -- 50 willpower/mace Tank
Nikki Dark -- 50 assault rifle/device Blaster
War Wall -- 50 shield/energy melee Tank
Sister Spectrum -- 50 radiation/radiation Defender
Nyctophobia -- 50 martial arts/super reflexes Scrapper
Kitty Hawk -- 50 claws/regen Scrapper
Evangelyne -- 50 broadsword/regen Scrapper
Lyjia -- 50 fire/fire Tank
Katsuni -- 50 katana/super reflexes Scrapper
Vyxxen -- 50 claws/regen Scrapper
Safety Blitz -- 43ish elec melee/super reflexes Brute
Aina -- 42ish invulnerability/mace Tank
Red Fighting Hood -- 40ish titan weapon/invulnerability Scrapper
Golden Gazelle -- 40ish energy blast/mental manip Blaster
Dumb Bunny -- 40ish invulnerability/super strength Tank
Caterwail -- 24ish sonic/dark Corruptor
Dante's Daughter -- 20ish demon/pain Mastermind
Lifespring -- 18ish nature/water Defender
Lunar Lass -- 18ish Peacebringer
Nikoletta Tesla -- 16ish beam rifle/elec manipulation Blaster
Luna Ci -- 16ish psi/mental Blaster
Weeping Sky -- 16ish storm/something Defender
Lori Lepton -- 15ish kinetics/radiation blast Defender
Shoot to Thrill -- 14ish beam rifle/poison Blaster
File Not Found -- 6ish something (I had just started her and didn't get a pic or download of her build, sadly)

TRIUMPH (where I kept my villains)

Kaelestra -- 50 super strength/invul Brute
Driad -- 50 plant/ice Dominator
Mijyla -- 50 fire/thermal Corruptor
Mary Chain -- 50 dark/dark Brute
Tommie Gunn -- 35ish mercenaries/poison Mastermind
Toygirl -- 40ish energy/radiation Corruptor
Venom Barbie -- 25ish Night Widow
Anesthesia -- 18ish pain/sonic Corruptor
Lady Morrigan -- 20ish braodsword/dark Stalker

I know there's more I've forgotten, but these were most of them. I miss each and every one of them.

I'm going to be pledging very soon. I've held off on supporting any of the "revival" efforts, mainly due to a combination of not wanting to get my hopes and not wanting to pick favorites, but I am in a position to where I can support this project, and I think you've earned it. What I've seen seen is very, very promising. CoX took about 6 years to build, I think, before it went live. Considering that, I think this has a great chance of becoming something special.

For those of you I've met or played with over the years, I hope I can see you again soon. I don't think I'll be recreating any of my old characters. They belong to a different universe and a different world. This universe will need new heroes and villains, and I can't wait to create some more of both.

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5 years 4 months ago

Sky Castle: 50+4 Shield/Super Strength Tank

Sailo - Gaia: 50+4 Super Strength/Shield Brute

Spectrum Energy: 50+2 Titan Weapons/Energy Aura Brute

My mains from hero side, never liked villain xD
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