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CoH/Cov - Victory Server

5 years 3 months ago
Hello, I'm an old City of Heroes/Villains player. It was my first MMO, I started about a month after launch after a friend told me how awesome it was. I was there for the going away party under the Atlas statue, and had a million great memories in between.

I played mostly on the Victory server, as both heroes and villains. Created several max-level characters, played through pretty much all of the content and developed some of my own in the mission editor. I was Kuroi Kokoro, the hero ninja scrapper who could tank entire missions solo and survive any PvP encounter. I was Edge of Moon the teleporting villain ninja assassin. I was Ubiquity, the gravity sorceress who would fly over newbie zones assisting hapless beginners. I was Baryonic Cell the flying robot and Dark Baryon, his sinister twin who could help teams bring down the biggest foes with crippling radiation, and about two dozen other memorable characters, all with a roster of achievements.

I still remember the days spent killing Hydras in the lake at Perez Park as the sun set. Wandering into higher level zones to see if I could sneak past purple-conn mobs. Finishing the Striga Island mission chain, getting my first 'respec' from the the brutal Terra Volta mission in the reactor. Clearing that impossible first task force against the Vahzilok in Steel Canyon at level 18. Siren's Call PvP. The Hamidon raids where everyone lagged so bad we played via the chat windows and it took a team of 40 to co-ordinate targets. THe beta-testing mayhem of City of Villains. The CoV missions, crafting my own crew of pirate mobs and a mission chain for them...

We've all been longing for a good super-hero MMO that remembers what made City of Heroes so great. Cheers to the Valiance crew for letting us try this alpha stage of your game.
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5 years 3 months ago
Damnit Hazeon,

You're making me all teary eyed over here. Those were great days old friend. Although your memory serves better than mine and I'd be hard pressed to extract so many significant details. I recall we had so much fun over the years on Victory and I also look forward to the road ahead here. A New life awaits for Earthenfirebrand,Sapience,Soulscarab and maybe even The Barbary Coast Ghost . May we smite many more foes together and perhaps enjoy a few more costume contests along the way.
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