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3 years 10 months ago
Hi Guys hows things going?

I played all of the other MMORPG superhero games from before just like you and im sure that 'just like you' i want Valiance to succeed, The genre is far too good for there to be such little support in my opinion. So its great to see smaller groups of creative people take on the Difficult task of bringing a promising game like Valiance to life.

For myself at the moment i am a backer of Star Citizen so i know the pain and frustration of waiting for New content and bugs to be fixed, lack of communication and some times it all feels like a scam. Thats why(in some strange way) i Donated to Valiance. I love being apart of something like this and quite literally watching the world change around you with every patch. I hope the Game gets made and we all have lots of fun getting to know each other, if your not on the Valiance Discord sign up and lets talk because im on Discord Daily.

I only signed up today so i have no real knowledge of the World and what the Roadmap hold for Valiance, but id love to learn about the Lore and.....everything really. If anyone has any good resources let me know.

Nice to meet all of you....and the Pleasure is mine
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3 years 10 months ago
Heyya there Scape! So glad to have you aboard, this will be an interesting journey, but a super fun one indeed!

Glad to have you in the discord too, I know some days are slow, but it's fun in there!
I would say back away slowly but umm… I think I’ll just shoot you.
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