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Friend's Sociology Thesis on Video Games

7 years 10 months ago
Hi everyone, a friend of mine is a Sociology student from Austria doing her master's in Social Sciences and her chosen topic is about the (re)production of gender roles/gender images in video games and how they (may or may not) influence players. For the empirical part of her thesis she imagined it would be quite enriching to interview a few gamers about their stance regarding the matter.

She is desperately looking for interviewers to answer a few questions about the topic. Her only requirements are that you would have to have atleast a fundamental grasp of English or German (as she understands both) and the age group she is looking for is 16 – 35 years.

Those concerned, the only personal questions will be gender (optional if this makes you uncomofrtable) and age which is required due to the age range she is aiming for. You can contact her either through Steam, Email, Skype, Facebook or whatever you'd prefer. Take as much time as you need, however she did plan on this being done last month.

For the answers, she is after long answers so they can be used verbatim in her thesis, if you allow it, of course, but not the whole interview and the thesis will not likely be published anywhere, so there is no real monetary gain involved and this is just for her studies and interest in the matter.

The questions would be about how you perceive how women and men are pictures in video games, how you think about that as well as women and their role in the game industry. These are not the finished questions, but just giving you an idea what she might ask and give you a clear idea about what she is aiming for with these questions.

If you are interested, her Steam profile is below, but if you want to contact her some other way, please message me and I can speak with her as to how you'd like to carry out the interview with whatever you are most comfortable with.

P.S. She's gained some interviewers, but not all that she required and her teacher suggested adding transgendered to the interview list so she is now after 5 Males and 9 Transgender
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