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Indie Games > AAA Games? Do You Play Indie?

7 years 1 month ago
AAA(For lack of a better term) games not not a huge part of my library). My Steam library consist mainly of Indie games. I don't know why, I just feel as if they are more in tuned with the customer, and willing to go the lengths to cater to their wants.

For instance, VO plans on adding pets which can be customization; meanwhile fans have been begging Champions Online and DCUO to implement such a thing. It was actually planned for Champions Online but apparently scrapped. VO is taking donations, and willing, Cryptic and Daybreak are not, but unwilling.

Anyway what are your thoughts on Indie games, and do you enjoy them? My current favorite is Combat Core. Could VO be categorized as Indie? probably? This is off-topic, so I figured this would be ok to discuss.
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7 years 4 weeks ago
AAA games tend to be made by committee. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that in itself. Indie games are more focused on the end product than aiming for a particular marketing niche. I look at it like this; nothing wrong with enjoying a specialized craft brew beer, but sometimes just grabbing a Budweiser will do.
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7 years 2 weeks ago
I mostly play a mix of Nintendo and Indie games over the past 3 or so years. I've loved all the 3DS Monster Hunters, 3 Ultimate, 4 Ultimate, and Generations, and am still thoroughly enjoying each of them when I have time to play. Also Super Smash Bros. Wii/3DS and Mario Karts 7 & 8 are a fun time for me as well, so I'm pretty heavily in the Nintendo camp as far as AAA if you consider them that. I have entirely too many Amiibos. Also loved Xenoblade Chronicles X.

As far as Indie is concerned, after watching a speed run of Freedom Planet from SGDQ 2015, I bought the game myself and I have to say that it is the most fun I have had with a platformer in a very long time. It beat out my love for the Shantae series, which was pretty solid there as I enjoyment of WayForward's IP. I surprised myself when I placed Freedom Planet above the Classic Genesis Sonic games from when I was a kid (Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 and Knuckles). If you like fast-moving platformers, give that one a shot.

Other Indie games I've played more recently when I've had time have been Asagoa Academy, Stardew Valley, and, if Puzzle & Dragons still counts as Indie, I have both the phone version and Z/Mario Bros. Edition. There are probably others, but I just can't recall at the moment.
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