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dynamic ai gangs/monsters

3 years 2 months ago
hi are the mobs etc going to be dynamic so they have a lair etc and build up and fight eachother over territory etc?
and also like dynamic heists from gangs etc(like robbing a bank) and attacks on the players base if u get negative standing with a group?
or when u get friendly with them u can support them and give them better weapons etc??(or maybe get henchmen from them)
and that like territories have like mutiple gangs that fight over the shops and bases etc?
and maybe that if u have a league the ai gangs and monsters can become your vassals and give u income or attack territories etc?
so if u like get standing with multiple groups of mobs u can like be a scourge to the world and start an apocalyps event in the entire game etc where the heroes have to fight the apocalypse etc...
idk something like that...
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