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Epic AT suggestions

7 years 6 months ago
Just like when I brought this up on the CoT forums, I know talking about epic ATs is WAAAAAAAYYYYY ahead atm, but I'm curious what you guys would like to see.

I'd love to have another character that's like the Kheldian with such weird abilities that really set them apart from other ATs and makes their unlock feel special.

However as what was pointed out, how should they be unlocked? Most people pointed out that simply reaching the level cap was a pain as you'd get brand new characters who team with a high level group, hit 50 in a few hours and then they have what they want, a Kheldian.

Anyone have suggestions for it's unlock? Perhaps completing a few specific TFs that give you peices of an item needed to access a mission (with level that matches your level) that at the end of the mission, unlocks the AT like if it's an Alien you have to rescue them from a villain group that was similar to The Council or if it's a kind of magical being of somekind you find a escavation site filled with traps and riddles to solve to get to the end?

What do you guys thing?
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