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console games

6 years 5 months ago
Please do not make this for console. every game that has done has had to butcher themselves down to enable this and removes the fun from it.
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6 years 5 months ago
I can assure you that if the game comes to consoles, it'll be identical to its PC release. We've already added support for Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers, and the interface transition is the only thing that remains to be done. Playing a console version of the game would be equivalent to playing the PC game with a console controller. The game has been developed from the ground up for PC, aimed at the PC MMORPG market, and will remain the same from platform to platform.

We recognize your concerns and are not conforming to console MMORPG standards, so fear not.
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6 years 5 months ago
Good. While I don't need 6 hotbars and 50+ buttons, I definitely want more than 6 or 8. I've played Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, ESO and Marvel Heroes so while fun in their own respects, I always felt limited by the amount of powers you can use compared to City of Heroes. Going out of combat to swap does not count imo. I had to listen to players defend the change in Marvel Heroes and how reducing the amount of hotbars to one does not mean a simplified game and in fact added more depth. All I could say was WTF and not bother posting anymore. While MH is still fun, it is not as fun for me and I disagreed with the change, not to mention the constant rebalancing as content. They had only finished the 52 review for a few months before announcing the BUE. Before this turns into an MH rant, I just want to point out I don't want that to occur here and glad to hear your stance on consoles. I'm a PC gamer and like the variety a PC can bring to the game through customizable UI, macros, mapping of keys, etc.

As I level in an RPG, I like to add powers to feel my character grow and in CoH especially if those powers make for good combos(I miss Wormhole and Crushing Field), after mid 30s it was rewarding to 'fill out' your attack chain. In the games mentioned above, I don't really get that feeling, having to make choices to replace still good spells/powers instead of adding to them. I guess it is overly simplified but when starting out with 2 powers and by the top level I now have 10-20, I feel like my progress was rewarded by truly making my character more powerful. I know the above games have some variation of progression after you have the max amount of powers but it is just not the same or as enjoyable for me.
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6 years 5 months ago
A balance is ideal. having 30 or more powers to juggle just gets to be a pain. 14-20 sounds like a good number to me.
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