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Discuss Alpha Progress Update

7 years 7 months ago
Though a much larger blog is coming soon with more details, here is a summary of recent project developments:

1) Transitioned into the new character generator v3

- Adding functionality for fully asymmetrical character development
- Formatted all current elements for the male character to support the new asymmetrical design philosophy
- Added new donor components like wings, rocketboards, and power types

2) Started implementation of the Steam API

- Integrated special features for Steam Launch Packs
- Started the process of ending the crowdfunding system as the move to Steam draws near

3) Expanding the website networking to utilize the game server database and Steam API

- Allows players to share their characters in a site database so that site users can see players’ character’s profiles
- Improves intercommunication between the game client, the game server, and website
- Adds more feature possibilities for donors

4) Navigated to a new hosting company and expanded servers

- Improves the overall performance and consistency of the online experience

5) Upgraded to Unity 5.4

- Improved many technical aspects of the client, and launcher
- Presents access to improved visual fidelity and shading features

6) Hired a new Content Director and Content Designer

- Updated, reformed, and adjusted old content
- Finalized the general historic timeline
- Finalized the areas for levels 1 - 15
- Began focusing on the initial player experience including the starting NPCs and mission, mobs, and world interaction

7) Established a comic book development team to provide a visual representation of our game's history

- Planned production timelines for several storylines that will explain key elements of current-day Valiance

Valiance: Cold War - Chronicles the arrival of the interstellar astronaut, Legacy, and the introductions of supers (natural born superhumans) and hypers (synthetically created superhumans).

Valiance: The Earth Saver - Introduces our world's first organized, globally endorsed and financed supergroup, and their early battles with supers, hypers, technological beings, and alien visitors.

Valiance: The Uprising - Though we can't really say much about this comic series, we can say that it concludes 15 years before the existence of current-day San Cielo, and the results of its occurrence represents one of the game's primary storylines. We also plan to use our player character database to include characters that may have been fighting during this event, in the comic book.

Valiance: The Void World - Chronicles the inter-dimensional journey of the villain Riftwalker; a highly intelligent scientific researcher and relative to Earth's dinosaur family, that exists in an alternate timeline in which dinosaurs evolved to be the dominant species of Earth. This series sheds light on the mysterious Void Realm, and how characters in the game are able to tap into its warp, void, and anima energies and summon its creatures.

Thoughts while we wait for Alpha?

very excited about the character generator update. Hypers? Are they a level above super? The last part, I suppose there is a void power set?
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