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Living world

4 years 8 months ago
The first words on the landing page are "living world."
As far as I can tell, that's not explained anywhere on the site, including these forums.

What is this game planning to do to make it a living world? And what distinguishes that living world from other mmorpg (non-living) worlds?
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4 years 8 months ago
The “living world” aspect of the description of our game is to reinforce the effort we are putting into making the game world something that is ever changing just like the real world. We have built many game systems and have maintained the vision that players should always feel like the world of Valiance Online continues while they are not there. We have very excited about new game technology and features planned to be implemented in a MMORPG style game with the ultimate goal of blurring the lines between where the game stops and our world begins.

This could take the form of you getting a message that one of your characters is involved with fighting off a invasion. Then you can head over to YouTube and see a live broadcast of the invasion as if a onsite news agency is covering it, then you see your character helping signature heroes and other live players working together to fight off the invasion.

This will also take the form of us as developers not shy away from letting players decisions effect the world. This can take the form of a large alliance of different groups of players coordinating to expand the villain controlled areas.

As to what would distinguish our "living world" from other games it comes down to us holding this as a higher priority then others. In conclusion Valiance Online uses the term "living world” as part of our core description because it means exactly what it sounds like, we are focusing on making sure the game world lives just like the real world lives.
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