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Where the game stands at this moment

1 week 3 days ago
Hi guys and gals!
I'm interested in investing and getting to investors alpha. But beforehand, I wanted to get a sense of where the game stands now.
I'm getting that if you invest 25$ you only have one character slot, right?
Do you have mob and missions operational?
Is the game playable from start to end at this time?

Hoping you get where I come from. Just want to get a sense before spending money (which I don't have :dry: )

Thank you!
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1 week 1 day ago
Hi Yanlavy,
  • You can currently have more than one character, not sure what the limit is now, or what it will be when/if the game is released.
  • There are mobs and a handful of missions. Combat, XP, loot and leveling act as expected.
  • In it's current state, I think of this as a comprehensive tech demo. Contributing money lets you track progress.
  • It can be tough to find appropriate leveled mobs to level, I gave up in the 20s, but probably could have gone higher.
  • I expect progress on the game to be quite slow as the Dev team is small and operating on a shoestring budget.
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23 hours 22 minutes ago
Hi there! Thanks for asking, as you can see above there's lots to do in terms of roaming.

There is a ton of stuff being worked on, and I wish we could move faster, but we're already chugging as fast as we can, but keep up with all our updates, and if you wanna chat and learn more the Discord is always available!
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