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So... Where are we at?

7 months 4 weeks ago
Hey all! I'm a gold tier donator from way back in the day (circa 2017 if memory serves). Sadly, it's been so long since I last logged in that I don't even remember my old credentials. D:

Anyway, recent news of a different... totally unrelated MMO project has me wondering: Whatever happened to development of this game? It seemed like we were getting constant news updates, blog posts and dev responses and then just... nothing. I wasn't even able to access the alpha after a couple weeks of availability. Additionally, the design-a-weapon reward was removed from gold tier (and all other player-designed tier rewards, by proxy) - that reward was the primary reason I donated in the first place. Is it no longer in the budget or was there some other reason?

Anyway, I doubt I'll get a rapid response on the matter, but I've been wrong numerous times before. I really have high hopes for this game and I'd hate to see it amount to nothing.

Thanks for readin', at least.
~ Risel

P.S. The formatting of a couple pages on the website are in a bit of disarray, particularly the sign up page. May wanna look into that. ;P
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6 months 3 weeks ago
Consider the game to be dead. Maybe somebody will post here and tell you that everything is fine and going well in the background but I was waiting for too long (even longer than you risel56) without any acceptable result.
The fact is:
- game is not playable
- no information is shared here on the games homepage or forums
- no information about any progress can be noticed on mmo rpg platforms like or MMO-Byte

This means say goodbye to your money and to a potential great game.
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6 months 3 weeks ago
Deemer, you and me and a bunch of other people have been saying that for months, probably a couple years. No progress, no updates, moderators even seem disconnected from forums. Better to find our Hero play on other games, dare I say on rogue servers of certain games.
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