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Quick Review of Alpha CC.

3 years 2 months ago
Only made one toon so far but a few things jumped out at me immediately.

The select-button has to be either much more prominent (almost invisible right now) or it needs to auto-select when one scrolls through the powers list.

The complete separation of color and costume/body item selection is a big step back imo. Having to go back and forth between which costume/body part I'm coloring and which costume/body part I'm choosing looks for is annoying. Also, presenting it as its own option before body/costume but not having a tab for it at the top creates a kind of disconnect for me.
From a general layout and structuring PoV the Champion Online's CC is the best one I have used so far.

Only one single color selection (4 "slots") for all clothing/apparel items is another big step backwards. Depending on items I want the possibility of having completely different color schemes. This is compounded by the number of selections for the body.

And lastly, not being able to use the scroll-wheel to scroll through the option in the "selections circles" is a missed opportunity imo. To me it would be a huge QoL improvement since I prefer using the wheel over click-and-drag when scrolling.
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