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Heroes/Villains Face Off: FORERUNNER (eek)

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5 years 2 months ago
As part of our Weekly Community Schedule, we'll pit your heroes against our villains, or your villains against our heroes and see who the community feels would win.

Today's foe for your heroes is FORERUNNER whose profile can be found in our character database.

Take a look, post your own HERO if you have one to share and then let us know who you think would win in a one on one match up!

And... good luck. :huh:
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5 years 2 months ago
I think Nova (described in the first heroes villains face off) could handle him. Unless Forerunner is capable of lifting Luna Mass weights, her superior strength would give her an advantage.
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5 years 2 months ago
he seems rather on the uber side, im sure skipjack keeps him in line though.

i think my old villain robotics/dark mastermind DR Anarchy would have a good shot at beating him depending on his fire walls.

DR anarchy was a android, of indeterminate origin, not for want of origin rumours.
(some even say it wasnt always a android and it originally was a escaped rouge AI) no it is because DR Anarchy likes its privacy and if it wants something sanitized and its more advanced then writing on paper(and even then sometimes) its only a thought away from deletion for Dr Anarchy.

not much of a fighter, almost all its internals where taken up with power cores and transmitters for basically any frequency you can think of and some you dont know of yet, all run with a quantum positronic brain leaving little room for more defenses beyond a few repair protocols and the ability to "weaponize" its transmitters to bombard targets with high intensity bursts helping to confuse and slow targets

it spent a lot of time robbing ATM's skimming peoples credit cards and the like but if a particularly interesting piece of tec showed up, particularly autonomous tec, it would expend considerable effort to hack it and retrieve its vital info, repurposing it as his own if it fit its needs.

but provided it knew of forrunners existence it would probably only be a matter of time before Dr Anarchy triangulated his location then either "in person" or remotely via a mirror and appropriate transmitter it would only be a mater of time before Dr Anarchy over wrote his protocols with its own and inherited quite a powerful pet, if not a new main hub(body)
if forrunner noticed Dr Anarchy/found it before the hack was complete though..... it wouldn't be a very long fight. depending what other autonomous tec Dr Anarchy had requisitioned and had on hand of course
(their where semi substantiated rumors in the form of 1 destroyed malta base, with no sign of its titian and a automated triple redundant malta security system that had apparently taken part from ballistic evidence, but had no traces what so ever to be found of who and how access was achieved and completely blank security footage, even the cloud backups where blank)
a malta titan was then reported loitering near shopping centers and ATM's quite regularly after that although it always seemed to have moved on and their to be no security footage ever of the areas it was supposed to be at the times it was supposed to have been there
Such is Life
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