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The Ophidions/Knights of St. Cuthbert(lore Idea)

8 years 2 months ago
I have come up with an idea for these two "villain groups" that could be changed and altered, depending on what the Dev team would view as fitting in their world.

The Ophidions are based on a somewhat-popular concept of serpentine or lizard-like humanoids that have been alive long before we existed either during the times of the dinosaurs or as a subterranean species that has long-since been hidden. I put in a picture below of the Serpent-folk from Pathfinder as a idea of what they may look like, or they could look like the snakes from the Rogue Islands on the starting island where they were mostly seen a pests.

Knights of St. Cuthbert was the only name I could come up for this group that is meant to be similar to the society in CoH who had the portal to the past, attempting to safeguard ancient magical items from the world that are too dangerous to be left in the world. This group is one that you initially see as villains, until you learn why they are there and that their mission is to protect the world from Magic, despite looking like "The Warriors" from CoH. I'm not too happy with the name so I would like to see it as "Warriors of _____" the last bit, being the name of the warrior who lead the charge that sealed the creatures away and defeated them long ago.

The Ophidions

Lore [ Click to expand ]

Ancient Cobra: A breed of snake back from when monsters roamed the world. These creatures are huge for being venomous and have been known to swallow a fully-grown adult male with little effort. Their poison works to incapacitate its' pray so that they could swallow with little issue

Ophidian Citizen: A typical Ophidian, many of their citizens take part in military or teaching the children, but others become craftsman or builders. Unlike their real military force, they are all under-equipped wielding only a dagger and nothing else to defend themselves with besides their own scales and fangs.

Ophidian Militia: All cities need to have guards to keep the peace and protect it from siege from an enemy. These militia, much like in Mankind's history, are peasants dressed up in armour and taught the basics of fighting. They are usually armed with a spear, bow or sword, but do not have some of the abilities of the pure breeds in upper society.

Emperor Cobra: A exceptionally rare breed of Snake, these Cobras grow larger than horses and can eat a fully grown cow when given the chance. Unlike their smaller cousins, their poison has been known to kill a normal human with a single bite, but it's neuro-toxic venom still causes a nasty effect on supers. It has also been known to spray it's venom out of it's mouth in a cone and attack with it's tail too when attempting to soften up much more difficult enemies.

Ophidian Acolyte: Not much is known about the religion of the Ophidians and their belief in the great Serpent, but the most loyal followers have gained magic from their belief. They often support in combat by channelling their energy to patch up the wounded and hurling bolts of fire and ice at the enemy. They also have been trained in alchemy and create smoke bombs.

Ophidian Commando: Some prefer to strike from the shadows. These are known as Commandos due to their tactics on the field. They have gained abilities through either mutation or magic, no one is certain, to blend their skin to match the colour and shapes of the wall they are up against, becoming invisible to those who do not pay attention. They often jump out, attacking with duel-blades up close, but wear light armour to help them hide. They also have mild psionic abilities to put enemies to sleep or disappear before them.

Ophidian Dancer: Though the females are often not seen outside of their homes, many are inside the walls as entertainers, usually dressing up in alluring silk-clothing, loose fitting and not too different than Belly Dancer outfits, but with no bellybutton due to being the born from an egg. Though they don't appear deadly and are armed with a dagger in most cases, they are more flexible than the males of their species, using their flexibility to wrap around and constrict enemies and have demonstraited psionic abilities that some people, believe, they may use as part of their dancing to seduce high-ranking members of society.

Ophidian Soldier: To become a soldier takes a lot of training, proven skills on the battlefield and in many cases, knowing the right people. Some have become soldiers by showing off extreme skills on the battlefield, not needing the other two requirements, but that's rare. These soldiers are the front-line of the army. Traditionally seen with a spear and tall shield, they have been seen to use bows and swords too. From advanced training they have unlocked the ability to spit acid that their species normally produces, as a weapon in combat to melt away armour or temporarily blind an opponent. they also wear thick armour.

Ophidian General: Being the head of such a savage military breeds some of the most vicious of the Ophidian species. They have killed others in their ranks to gain their positions and have been congratulated on being the more powerful being, but not just the training but the pure bloods of society are also born with beneficial mutations. Due to their success, they have been granted magical weapons and items on top of the thickest and most advanced armour. As they have been mutated, a common mutation is instead of simply spitting their acid, they can spray it out of their mouths in a massive cone and when in combat they release pheromones that drive all other Ophidians nearby into a blood rage that continues even long after the General dies.

Ophidian Hierophant: One of the many heads of the Ophidian Church, they are often seen dressed in robes and rarely seen in battle unless in a city that is under attack where they stay at the back, channelling healing energy through the army groups, summon monstrous serpents and lizards made from shadow and raining down the battlefield with fire and ice. If they are in danger from close combat, they use their staves as a weapon and spray acid breath.

Ophidian Mistress: Owners of the many breeding establishments in their cities, these women are older, but far more terrifying from the sheer power behind their psionics. They force enemies to sleep or freeze them in place with the power of their mind, not needing to even use a blade in many cases. they have the same abilities as other high breeds, spitting acid enemies and infect enemies with paralytic venom.

Possible Elite Bosses/AVs

Gar'Goth, Lord of War: The leader of all the military presence, Gar'Goth is a fearsome beast of his people. He is always seen with a spear and heavy shield and armour that is magically enhanced by the most powerful of crafters and enchanters. His shield is unbreakable and large enough for him to hide behind, making himself untouchable from any who attack him. He is always backed up by other generals and a odd mutation where his body regenerates at a faster rate than most of his species, granting him the nickname "The immortal" and has been known to be the only one who survived against the great heroes in battle, due to his regenerative abilities.

Kah'Riss, The Ancient One: This massive pale snake, larger and longer than a train with glowering red eyes that have been known to turn the unsuspecting to stone. Kah'Riss is said to be one of the first children of Xalthia, the only one who managed to survive the great war and now has been laying eggs of it's own brood in a deep cave beneith the city, waiting for a time to rise up and attack the city. It continues to spit and spray acid at attackers as well as having the unnerving psionic abilities that make this a highly dangerous monster.

S'Sarkee, The Grand Hierophant: The head of the Church of the First Ophidian, S'Sarkee has many ancient secrets on the order and mastered the greatest of magic arts. He often researches the world, helping to keep his people informed on what has happened since their great sleep and using this to turn into propaganda to keep inspiring fear and hate of those people on the surface that banished them to the dark. His staff is crafted from an ancient tree, said to be the tree of life, where he channels his energy through, hurling potent magic fire and ice at any who attempt to attack him head on. Despite being wooden, the staff doesn't break under great force. He also hurls psionic bolts of energy and summon ancient demonic creatures from his god's home world, to assist him.

S'Stheno, The Shadow Master: S'Stheno was the greatest of commandos. He was born to a poor family, but due to a unique mutation he was born with additional arms that appeared frail, but still have all the strength behind them that he needed. He has gained his blend ability like many commandos. He always makes certain to add poison from his saliva to his four daggers that he uses in combat when he jumps out from the shadows. He has a unusual psionic ability that enables him the do, what has been named, the mirror step. To those observing him it appears that seven new copies of him have appeared, when really there is only one who you cannot see.

Xalthia, The First Ophidian: The Goddess that all the Ophidians worship, she is a incredibly ancient being with pale scales and glaring eyes. One of ocean-blue and the other blood red. She is quite different from the rest of her species with the lower-body being that of a snake and being able to produce children without the need of a male of her species. Being from another world she can summon powerful beings from her world, spitting acid, creating acid pools with her spit and tearing enemies apart with her bare, clawed hands. Little is known about her origin, as could be said about the origin of any gods, but she claims to be the true ruler of the world and mankind was a mistake when her people were meant to rule this world.

Zar'talc, Emperor of the Ophidians: The Emperor of his people, he is a power-hungry lord who sees the surface as his own property currently infested with lesser beings who have grown more potents and rooted in like somekind of horrible, vicious swarm of rats. He wields a sword made of pure ice and staff with a ruby glowing with fire. He bellows out flames from the staff, but cuts down enemies with ice-cold blade that has been known to cause some freeze burns. Being blessed by his deity, he has advanced psionic abilities, even able to creature a psionic manifestation of force as a bodyguard.

Knights of St. Cuthbert

Lore [ Click to expand ]


Arcane Eye: This orb made of pure energy acts as a scout for dangerous areas and is controlled by the high ranking members of the society to scout out places old and new in an attempt to keep a close watch on anything that may be forgotten due to it's risk of discovery being low. They can shoot bolts of energy, but are not equipped for combat and can be destroyed with relative ease.

Arcane Researcher: A researcher of the arcane, they only know basic arcane knowledge and work to identify new areas of interest for the society and catalogue new items that arrive at the vault. They only have a book of spells and the ability to throw arcane blasts as a method to protect themselves.

Elemental, Minor (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind): A small creature from one of the elemental planes, these creatures are made up of raw elemental power and brought in to the society to help with the defence of artefacts and to bolster their ground troops.

Walking Armour: Animated suits of armour from all kinds of ancient times over the years who are autonomous and act as guardians to many places, standing in place until activated


Bowman of the Society: At first glance they appear to be normal humans with bows, however under the hood the pointed ears and sharp eyes reveal that they are in fact creatures of the Fey, often seen as only stories in the past, these Elves have sided with the society to help protect the artefacts of this world. They are skilled with their bows and able to hide into the shadows better than any assassin.

Eldritch Acolyte: Learning more about the arcane world has gifted these scholars with the spells and abilities. They are able to hurl arcane blasts and summon minor elementals to their aid. They often help in the research and study in new artefacts and are often high members of society who help protect the lands that need to remain untouched for the public's safety.

Elemental, humanoid (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind): More powerful than the smaller beings, these ones are intelligent and capable of speech and aid in any knowledge they may know from their own worlds or commuting with magic users of the past to help this society in it's goals for great knowledge.

Gargoyal Sentry: Created by those who has studied the old magics, these creatures work as never-sleeping sentries that patrol caverns that contain hidden artefacts or places of interest. Being made of solid stone they are hard to destroy and can deliver really powerful blows.


Eldritch Master: Mastering the power of the arcane they not only throw powerful spells, but can summon more powerful elemental beings and are usually the ones who build the Golems and Gargoyals. They are also able to empower their fellow warriors.

Golem (Stone, Ice, Fire, Iron, Adamantine): These beings have been created through ancient lost magics or are still guarding areas that they were left to guard many centuries before the society was founded. They appear in various different materials, but they all function the same as ever-watchful guardians with loyalties that never change nor end.

Master Ranger: Another group of Elves who are masters of stealth and of the bow. They pepper areas with arrows in a matter of seconds, but also use special arrows constructed with various alchemical remedies and nets to trap enemies as well as using smoke bombs and their own skills to disappear into the shadows and using fire bombs covering the area.

Possible Elite Bosses/AVs

Dimitri, The Grand Master: The headman of the society, no much is known about him. He has been in charge for longer than anyone can remember, suggesting that he may be a living artefact and his lack of appearance suggests this. All that is known was he came from Eastern Europe and demonstrated great power of regeneration and deep knowledge of the arcane world. There have been assassination attempts on his life, but he somehow managed to survive every event unscathed.

Lady of the Water: Said to be the very woman who wields Excalibur, she was said to have brought that blade of legend to the society as one of their first major artefacts. As such, she is also one of the founding members who wishes to keep the blade and other items safe from those who would abuse such power. As an ancient being she summons water and elementals to fight any who dare threaten the lady.

Master at Arms: Encased in enhanced armour and weapons is the Master at Arms who fights with different styles and ancient blades and armour this ancient warrior has gained over the years. This figure is from a mysterious location in time that no one knows of and when he gets in a battle he fights through all of his equipment, starting with a Naganata and Kikkio armour, Heavy armour with tower shield and a massive sword, duel-swords and chainmail and the final form being with a Katana and no armour, but radiating obscuring dark energy. Some claim there is no one in the armour, but this being is a special kind of Golem that gained conciousness.

Mission Arc suggestion

Buried Secrets

Mission 1 [ Click to expand ]

Mission 2 [ Click to expand ]

Mission 3 [ Click to expand ]

Mission 4 [ Click to expand ]

Mission 5 [ Click to expand ]

Souvenir: Small snake statue

Badge Suggestions

Apex Predator: Defeat 500 Ophidians

Bookworm: Defeat 100 Knights of St. Cuthbert

Mage Killer: Defeat 500 Knights of St. Cuthbert

Magic Phobia: Defeat 250 Knights of St. Cuthbert

Nice Boots: defeat 250 Ophidians

Snake Eater: Defeat 100 Cobras

Why'd is have to be snakes?: Defeat 100 Ophidians

Any suggestions for changes or thoughts and opinions on these suggestions?
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