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The Reanimators (Lore/Possible Villain Group)

7 years 8 months ago
This group is inspired by Vhazilok from CoH, but also the various other sources that the group was based off, including various roleplaying games, Frankenstein and so on.

The Reanimators

Lore [ Click to expand ]


Back-Alley Doctor: Used as a Physician for other groups to heal up their fellow members for a fee so that the gangsters and thugs don't attend a hospital, where they could possibly be caught by the authorities after getting patched up. As they heal others, they are also equipped with a bonesaw to defend themselves if under attack.

Failed Brute Husk: Unlike the other Husks, these were build with the bodies of heroes and villians whose bodies were massive mound of muscle. They are still considered failed as they do not have any true intelligence nor any powers to enhance their abilities. They are still somewhat dangerous, but nowhere near as powerful as what it's creators wanted.

Failed Husk: Out of all the many creatures this group stitches together, only a small number become powerful either due to something activating their past abilities or if they linger around. For whatever reason, most super-powered beings appear to lose all their abilities.

Mortician: Many like to work for this group as a secondary money source by donating bodies that "disappear" from the list and end up getting a pretty penny for their contribution to their growing army. As many supers have a secret identity, no one will know who their family was if they are not in a identifiable state, more so if they are the kind whose appearance changes when powered up.

Stitchling: Unlike the Husks, these beings are sometimes humanoid, sometimes quadrapedal. These are beings of various sizes, build out of a mix of creatures instead of only humanoids. Many have parts from all kinds of creatures, both terrestrial, magical and from beyond the stars. These thigns are often created by collecting random body parts of many different creatures and then putting them together to create this abomination of science and nature. Often the human body is used as a base with a stitched on tentacle, lizard's leg, Bird-talon for a hand, the arm of a bear and many other different animal parts, creating something terrifying.


Combat Husk: One of the more successful, but not the most powerful of these husks are ones made from those who have no true powers, but instead great skill such as mighty beings with powerful fists, weapons or such a high skill in combat. Many have their skin treated like leather, making their bodies more difficult to destroy than that of their original owners.

Skin-Stitcher: The main physicians of the group, they help build the bodies for their armies with Husks and on a rare occasion, building a truly powerful creature such as the Reanimated or Savage Stitchlings. They often attempt to re-sow the stitches on these creatures and heal up their living companions. They can also inject nearby enemies with an adrenaline boost to improve their strength and resistance to damage.

Underground Chemist: These are the workers who create the unique form of embalming fluid that is used to reanimate these beings on their side as they were given this formula by their master who formed this group after the discovery of this formula. Due to their knowledge of chemicals, they are equipped with bombs that ignight or splash acid onto any investigator who wishes to put a stop to their operations.

Virilent Failed Husk: Often alone and often smoking from unstable chemicals, they patrol hallways or are used in terror attacks to set off their chemicals either through a remote or whenever their natural adrenaline is processed through their corpse. Due to this, even if attacked, they rush the attacker and soon explode. Often dressed in clothing so they can blend into society and move around, careful to get to their target before erupting in a explosion.


Flesh-Suited: Many with a large amount of cash find their bodies are going and will selfishly look for a way to keep themselves alive permanently. For this reason they seek out the Doctor in hopes to achieving immortality. This involves remove their brain and putting it in the body of a one of her super-powered husks, but without a brain and using advanced chemicals to adapt the brain to the body. This only works for so long and they often need to arrive back at the her labs to get their body submerged in chemicals to keep it going. The bodies are custom fashioned for the user, often based on a normal body-type, but powered, making the body covered in energies and the brain has been exposed to chemicals that enhance buried psionic abilities, brining them to the surface and making the donater more powerful, however the owners have been seen as unstable after this change.

Mutation Chemist: Much like the other chemists, these work on creating and stitching the bodies together, but also have been experimenting with mutagens to alter their own form and create other monsters of their own. Due to the mutations, they often empower other groups with mutagens, but focus on improve themselves, drinking vials of chemicals that thicken their flesh, bulk up, transform their hands into claws and growing vicious fangs.

Reanimated: One of the most terrifying of the group are these beings who wake up with a mix of memories or emotions, but are soon guided by the doctor to what they are and what they should do. These walking abominations have powers from every person they have taken parts from, often resulting in a creature who can blast streams of energy, but also grow stone or spikes over their body to make them more difficult to destroy. They are often seen as soul-less as they know nothing and do nothing until the doctor has taken them away for secret education and making them battle ready.

Savage Stitchlings: Large mis-match of random creatures, these beings are as vicious as they are morbid in their design. These are often humanoid or monsterous creatures with many different body parts sowed together. In some cases, they have the creature's origonal defences like poisonous stings, nasty acid boils, immense muscle and so on of all kinds of creatures. They are also quite dangerous, often used to terrorise the public and even collect bodies in dangerous areas to make more of these creatures.

Possible Elite Bosses/AVs

Dr. Julia Strange: Having discovered the liquid she has named Lazarus, she found that not only was she able to animate the recently dead, but she could attached any organic flesh together, run the fluid through the body and then it would come to life even when the parts don't fit. She has attempted to bring this up as a miracle solution to help those who lose limbs, but with current technology there was seemingly no room for her discovery and she was laughed out of the presentation, until she presented the creature she created where their laughter turned to out-rage for crossing the lines of ethics to do this and she was banished from practising in another hospital again.

However, she never stopped working in hospitals as she continued to find use for her serum, experimenting as she found it lasted for a short time, but she continues to perfect it to the point where anyone won't need to get another dose for quite some time. Her morbid curiosity over creatures that she had created continued to spread until she saw it as a kind of beauty and no she has started to add parts to her own body, modifying herself to get more powerful and dangerous to anyone who doesn't know what they are getting involved with.

Stitch-Lips: Though you doubt you would've found a friend down in one of the doctor's labs, you come across this husk who is able to speak in broken sentences. He introduced himself as Stitch-Lips, who once used to be a man who he believed to have been a criminal, but was stabbed in the back by those he made a deal with, but beyond that he knows nothing. He was created much like other powerful Reanimated, but with an experimental new serum the doctor developed in an attempt to regain more powers and make her creations intelligent enough to carry out complex tasks.

Having learnt what has happened to him he decides to assist you in your task and help attack anyone who gets in your way or attempts to threaten you. At the end he has no idea what he wishes to do and you get the choice to either inspire him to find out who he was or throw away the past and instead focus on saving more lives like yourself or on the villain edge, convince him to get revenge on those people, destroy their organisation when he tracks it down and then target the doctor for what she did to you, turning you into a new experiment.
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