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Weekly Lore Release - Skyeline City Hall

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Skyeline City Hall

Location: Prominently located at the end of Skyeline Plaza across from the Prisma Celeste.

Description: In the wake of devastation following the Uprising explosion in 2089, city designers had several decisions to make when building San Cielo. The most essential needs demanded a Police and Fire force to keep the city in order, maintenance and utility infrastructure to provide services to the new metropolis, and most important of all, a political seat to govern and lead the people.

City Hall proudly stands like a risen phoenix from the ashes of disaster in the heart of Skyeline Centre. Formerly used for administration, basic city ordinance enforcement, law management and judicial courts, the building today represents a glorious symbol of strength, renewal and unity.

History: When City Hall was reconstructed, the ability to determine its function in the world also became a primary interest. In 2048 following the Los Angeles invasion by North Korean hypers, the west coast became painfully aware that their corner of the United States wasn’t as safe as they thought. The state of California at that time passed a bill that would allow use of National Guard mechs and soldiers for protection in non-State of Emergency situations.

Following the formation of Valor in 2061, the United States began to see super and hyper task forces in most major cities. By 2066 San Diego would have its own super hero hub. Within City Hall, an office was established to manage the legality and operations of city sanctioned activities for supers and hyper humans. This Office would grow exponentially follow the Intergalactic War in 2075.

With so many people gaining cybernetic, genetic and nanite augmentations, the management of the office became overwhelmed and for a time nearly imploded with the amount of work City Hall could handle. Smaller offices in downtown San Diego were set up as impromptu government offices, while planners looked high and low for an area of the city that could be altered to encompass the needed space to manage all inner-city hero and villain activities.

While the destruction of the city has never been considered a blessing, the renovation of City Hall and the formation of the United Government of Earth gave the new city of San Cielo a decidedly easier path to plan.

It was decided that the new City Hall building would contain an office for consolidation of hero management, a Valor administration representative, expanded city law, ordinance and justice spaces, liaisons to the United States political council, as well as an advocate office to the Global Government.

City Hall was transformed from a purely administrative building into a hub of strategic, defensive, and other worldly commerce for the city, and Earth. The institution now contains offices that manage intergalactic travel and importation, technological mandates and allowances for private and government organizations, alien, super and hyper laws and rights, not to mention everything else associated with keeping a healthy and thriving city running.

Police and Fire station representatives work in concerted efforts with other local area hubs to ensure the safety of San Cielo, while power, water and next generation maintenance intermediaries provide an updated picture of all the inner workings of the city’s basic utilities to the Mayor.

Once considered the simple role of a city official, being the Mayor is also not what it used to be. To be called “Mayor” of San Cielo is similar in role to that of a United Nations delegate. Only a person of considerable global and celestial training, as well as first hand super and hyper experience is considered for election. Additionally, every office representative in City Hall must be of the highest caliber and qualification to sit the desk they represent. With a utopia of flying heroes, cybernetically altered gangs, societal alien integration and representations along with villains of every sort, City Hall is now more akin to the Pentagon.

Appearance: With multiple levels of the city, architects worked for months trying to maintain a functionality and look that was both a historic homage to the past culture of San Diego while acknowledging a significantly improved building grounds.

The final structure that stands today is as glorious in appearance as it is in capability. Made from an amalgam of composite and newly generated Haelan brand synthetic metals, City Hall is a bastion of gleaming silver, mirrored glass and alabaster stone. It has multiple floors that begin on the lower second tier of Skyeline’s layers and proceeds twenty stories tall to end above the third tier. The building’s bowed hexagonal arch shape allows visitors to the city to walk under city hall to the Prisma Celeste and Memorial grounds beyond. A series of white marble and bronze accented stairs leads up either side of the main entrance to the many offices of the various departments contained within.

On the lowermost structure, there is a civilian parking structure as well as a minor police and national guard depot that is capable of defending the building in the event of an attack.

Viewing the rear of the building visitors see the tiered levels that gradually steps down in a hexagonal crystalline shape. A wide pathway extends through the arch of the building and over three hundred yards towards the Prisma Celeste. White marble accented tops mixed with bronze and windowed offices line each side of the building. A series of hexagonal shaped gardens and matching aerial landing pads sit on multiple levels of the lower roofs, and illuminated railings give a dynamic geometric light show at night while still showing a classy throwback to the city’s distinguished past.
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