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Weekly Lore Release - San Cielo Police Department

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San Cielo Police Department - Skyeline Centre Station


Skyeline Centre near Prima Celeste and City Hall Building


When Skyeline Centre was being rebuilt following the wake of the superhuman Uprising in 2089, The Skyeline Centre Police Station was a methodically planned out hub for deployment and quick response to crime in San Cielo. Centrally located, SCPD is capable of supporting surrounding police stations with backup in other areas of the city with minimal loss of time and able to blanket the city in the event of major conflagrations.

The largest police force in San Cielo, the SCPS has large quantities of rapid response enforcement officers, aerial and land based medium and heavily armored/equipped vehicles. They retain a full SWAT, domestic, street, and terrorist response teams, investigative detectives, prison control facilities for regular and super/hyper criminals, as well as management for all police administration in San Cielo.

The SCPS is likewise equipped to withstand substantial attacks and is the most heavily defended and armored police base in the city. Similarly it is the main fall back point for any large scale city siege or alien invasion.


The SCPD is an enormous blocky building with multiple windows. Despite the alleged look of vulnerability from exterior attacks there are shield projectors embedded into the ground outside the building forming an invisible energy barrier. Slight shimmers of blue hexagonal wash across the face of the building from time to time as the beams overlap. The building has a large stout base with multiple tiered levels and stands nearly 10 stories tall.

There is a driveway that passes parallel to the main street allowing people to move through, or drop off in front of the building. A larger parking lot is off to the side while an additional underdrive passes below ground level to an underground basement. The entrance for this has two separate ports. One on each side of the building. Each has a small access for regular sized patrol vehicles while a secondary access is available for tanks, heavy troop carriers and other assault vehicles. Each of these doors has a drop down barricade swing arm and pop up barricade stanchions. There are also heavy, high density metal roll down doors and additional shield projectors in the pavement.

Outside the front of the station stands a memorial obelisk that is also a decorative fountain. The memorial itself, like the Prisma Celeste is simple in form but elegant. There is a huge black slab of granite with intentionally jagged sides and edges. The face of the memorial has a POW/MIA silhouette with the words “Never Forgotten” under it, next to the SCPD radiant star patterned logo. Each round emblem is identical in scale so neither one is more prevalent. SCPD logo on the left, POW/MIA on the right. On the back of the monument are the thousands of names of fallen San Diego police Officers and personnel that died during the Uprising attack. More than 150 of the names have Missing in Action (MIA) next to them.


The inside of the building is large and spacious while still maintaining a high degree of security. The main entrance exudes class, wealth and protection above all else. As this is the biggest police force in the city, it was designed by the same architectural team as City Hall to be opulent and a shining jewel in Skyeline. Rich woods alongside polished metals and LEDs decorate the walls. A mix of white marble architecture with iron risers bearing technological panels and circuitry creates a marriage of previous interior design with modern age accents.

Maintaining a classic black and white police motif there is a balanced mix of dark and light marbles and metals complemented with nearly black brownish colored woods and pale birch colors.

Visitors entering through the main doors are greeted by a high ceilinged two story interior. Four main doors at the front of the building have metal detectors, bio-scanners and genetic sensors as you walk in letting security know what kind of people are entering the station. Visitors are then greeted by two large help desks off to each side with LO13 series android assistants capable of fielding even the most complicated of requests.

Beyond is a large expanse leading to stairs and elevators off to either side. In the center of the marble floor is an SCPD emblem carved out of the same black and white tiles at the entrance. Huge flights of stairs go up to a first balconied level before continuing up to a second level topped by a glass roofed ceiling. Long hanging lights protrude from the overhead so that whether by day or night, rain or shine, the entrance to the police station is a welcome and safe place.

Unseen to most, past the doors of the entrance, reside various rooms, ready offices, detective desks gear lockers, garages, weapon storage spaces and prison cells. With a flurried staff of more than 300 personnel the police station is a constant hive of activity and protection.
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