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Weekly Lore Release - Skyeline Centre Fire Station

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Skyeline Centre Fire Station


Skyeline Centre, across from San Cielo Police Station across and adjacent to City Hall.


Built immediately after the Police Station in 2090, the San Cielo Fire Department (SCFD) station located in Skyeline Centre area was constructed to resemble and otherwise complement the police station. The fire station responds to fire in whatever form it may take; whether the fire is caused by an oven left on overnight or an aggressive arsonist superhero with vengeance to exact upon timber, the SCFD will respond to any reported flame. The Skyeline Centre station cannot cover the entirety of San Cielo alone, so similar to the police station layout, there are multiple smaller fire stations able to respond to the totality of the city.

The Skyeline Centre Fire Station is divided into five “brigades”:
  • The Administrative Brigade is responsible for supervision, budgets, policy, and human resources. They also handle unit deployments.
  • The Service and Training Brigade offers PSAs to the public as well as safety education to new recruits. The S&TB also prepares fire station employees for their various duties.
  • The Operational Brigade are individuals who voluntarily put themselves in harm's way to rescue others or snuff a flame. The OB also operates machinery and drones in the field remotely.
  • The Support Brigade manages internal fire station operations including gardening, cooking, utilities, and cleaning.
  • The Research Brigade develops new technologies and techniques for the Operational Brigade to improve public safety and rescue operations.
The Skyeline Centre Fire Station is the most advanced and well-funded station in the San Cielo area. On top of a fleet of 15 traditional fire trucks, it possesses five heavy tankers with low altitude hover capabilities and a water capacity of 15,000 gallons each.

They also possess 20 large AI and remote controlled mushroom shaped fire drones capable of being dispatched to any location in the Skyeline area in seconds. These drones act as first-responders to emergencies and are sometimes able to avert greater pyro disaster. The drones, nicknamed Prometheans, can suppress flames with multiple extinguishing agents dispensed through four fully-articulated and strong robotic arms. If needed, Prometheans can carry up to three civilians inside, sustaining a comfortable internal temperature while fire blazes outside of its hard shell and administer basic first aid and oxygen to smoke victims.

One last piece of machinery employed by the SCFD is the Spartan. The Spartan is a red and yellow exo-suit worn by a single fire fighter, enhancing the wearer's physical strength, stamina and speed via cybernetic jack implants at the base of the pilot's skull. It has CO2 and synth-foam cannons running down the arms that can snuff out even larger fires. The most remarkable form of technology is the micro black hole generator that can be used in extremely rampant fires. A self contained cartridge, the Spartan pilot anchors themselves to a stable surface and deploys the round which instantly creates a small golf ball sized black hole in the center of a fire. The round explodes outwards about twenty feet and immediately starts sucking all the oxygen from the fire filled space. Even well ventilated spaces can have fires suffocated by the quick absence of air. This method is scarcely employed unless it is guaranteed there no civilians are in the area.

The suit possesses a set of hover jets positioned in the small of the back beneath fire fighting agent storage tanks, and on the outer shins to give unlimited vertical access to any building. The Spartan is fairly bulky due to the high amount of equipment on it, though it enables close quarter rescues ten times more efficiently to previous cloth worn ensembles from the early 21st century. The suits have access to pneumatic pressure blasters to gain access to blockaded areas as well as laser cutters, extendable limbs to shore up falling walls or ceilings, full spectrum sensors to find survivors and epoxy sealing foams in the event of flooding or broken fluid lines.

The Operational Brigade is composed entirely of humans and super-humans. Aliens aren't excluded from their ranks, but very few find interest in public service. This is a large detriment to the S&TB's Brigade, as they have attempted multiple outreach programs for extra-terrestrial folks in the form of PSA messages like “It's our home” and “Fire is a danger to all”. There are some extra-terrestrials found in The Research and Support Brigades, but they are few and far between.

One unique exclusivity the Skyeline Centre fire station maintains is age. Many firefighters are dismissed from The Operational Brigade by the age of 40 due to expected physical limitations and duress gained in service. They are encouraged to remain in service and join other less physically intensive brigades. While this isn’t mandated, history has shown this as a stable and expected career path timeline.

The SCFD has over 60 firepersons, 20 of which are employed within the Operational Brigade. Another six are extra-terrestrials working amidst twenty other humans in the R&SB and S&TB. Eight support brigadiers and six administrators also reside within the building.

A crucial public member in Skyeline, the SCFD is a poster child civil servant and has the eye of the Mayor and other special interest groups such as disabled veterans, children’s make a wish programs and Human/ Alien relations groups.


The SCFD resides in a four-story building with a large garage jutting out of both sides of the building’s bottom floor. There are well-groomed gardens surrounding the building with a high aesthetic emphasized by flora décor depicting the stations logo and colors. While not as prominent as the police station monument, the fire station does maintain a ‘Heroes Lost’ memorial in the lobby.

The color scheme of the building complements or matches that of the rest of the Skyeline City Centre. The top of the garage areas have access hatches and doors that allow Prometheans access for rapid deployment, recharge and maintenance. On the roof of the building there is a flight line area and VTOL storage for hovering vehicles and drones . There is also a large solitary landing pad for helicopters or piloted aircraft not involved in fire fighting operations.

Behind the garage are large, cylindrical silos of water tapped into the city’s water supply that draws directly from the ocean via a high capacity, fast processing osmosis salt-water separator. The silos are taller than the Fire Station itself, designed to quickly refill and resupply all fire extinguishing equipment used in training and by the Operational Brigades. Additional synthetic agents are stored in significantly smaller tanks below the Fire Station and maintained by the Support Brigade.

The garage contains the 15 land based fire trucks, as well as the five hovering super tankers that are always kept full and at the ready. The Spartan exo-suits are in their own dedicated section of the garage, with additional suits already attached to surface trucks awaiting the next crisis.

Response fire fighters wear creamy beige colored under armor body suits with micro magnetic contacts for quick deployment of Spartan exo-suits. Fire fighters not wearing Spartans entering fire filled spaces also wear flame-retardant, heat resistant carbon fiber hybrid hard suits with reflective strips and exterior LEDs. Their red accented cyber-sensor helmets with amber visors cascade over their chests with thick, locking, heat treated titanium weave mesh gorgets making an impenetrable seal to alleviate overheating and smoke inhalation. Amber visors have a heads-up-display designed to show and measure the exact heat of flames encountered. It also attempts to track sounds; anything from screams of victims to creaking floorboards will register enabling the fire fighter to track civilians or escape from unstable areas.

Thick respirators connected to tanks on their backs use electrolysis to convert external air sources into clean filtered and properly mixed oxygen for the wearer. A third and final addition is a large extinguishing agent dispersion tank electromagnetically attached to the ensemble’s back. Each tank contains enough water, CO2 and foam to put out any medium sized blaze. Though considerably less in capacity and durability to the Spartan suits, these regular suits are critical when fighting large spread building fires across multiple floors. Similarly there are exterior attachments that connect to the suit and allow fire trucks to tether or deploy hovering agent pods providing additional water or foam to put out longer fought fires.

When not suited up for fire fighting, they are permitted to wear light and dark blue collared shirts, muscle shirts, or T-shirts. Often these are worn with uniform dress black trousers.
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How about an event like the firefighting event in Steel Canyon. Maybe an outside event and an inside instanced event. Leave the outside event like the original. Maybe have the inside a rescue the cits mish. Heroes can use buffs/debuffs and relevant powers to protect and heal the cits from the fire/villains. As heros we'd need to keep their agg focused on us to lead them to safety while bad guys try to kill them all. MWHAHAHAHAH!!!
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