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Weekly Lore Release - San Cielo Cold War Museum

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San Cielo Cold War Museum


Skyeline Centre near SCPD station and San Cielo Uprising Museum


In 2030 Earth experienced its first officially recognized arrival of extra-terrestrial beings from the planet Eritos; Ahnad Ru’ Aviicus and his sister Ahnna Le’ Aviicus. As years progressed they would become the hero, Legacy and the villain, Mistress.

Facilitated by master geneticist Ambrose Ghrayl, Legacy’s blood was used as a base to create the hyper human serum known as Sequence 22. Due to Mistress and the criminal organization known as Leviathan, Sequence 22 was sold to enemies of the United States (China, Russia and North Korea) creating the first super villains and forever impacting political sway of global power.

In 2044, the U.S. created “The 12”; a group of handpicked special forces personnel to act as a counter terrorism super powered deterrent and response team. Following three years of fruitless searching for trails and leads of the alleged villains, The 12 were drawn into battle in Washington D.C. when three Chinese nationals (hypers) legally entered the country and then destroyed the Washington Monument. Upon confronting them only three of the 12 survived. All three foreign terrorists were killed in the battle but it showed a critical fault in national defense.

In the face of this tragedy, the U.S. formed a second team of 12 made up of serum enhanced hypers, genetically born supers and technologically altered heroes. If there was to be another attack, the level of abilities would be more equally matched; essentially fighting fire with fire. “The Ark” was established in Virginia as a base of operations for the 12 under supervision of Project Genesis run by members of the Department of Defense and the National Defense Force.

Due to the unstable nature of the world’s national security, the U.S., allied with Canada and Mexico via the North American Alliance Treaty (NAAT), becoming the first of many multi-national unified states dedicated to protecting each other. These treaty allowed access across borders and the use of each other’s military assets during times of war or invasion.

By 2048, Russia reared its might pushing across their eastern borders, through Alaska and into Canada with the intent of crippling the Canadian government and using America’s shared northern border as a platform to commit further strikes on U.S. soil.

The 12 responded, stopping the attack and revealing a plot to destroy the United States Government. At this point in history China, Russia and North Korea became labeled as the Tri-Axis.

Using a loop-hole in the Treaty, Canada and Mexico convinced the U.S. President to allow Ambrose Ghrayl to recreate Sequence 22 for the purpose of making their own hyper forces. Ghrayl, working alongside Beverly Haelan, utilized her son’s (Paramount) blood to make a stable variant of the hyper serum and successfully created the Mexican hero team Luz Dorado (golden light), and the Canadian super force, The North Brigade.

Later that year, Mistress forced the Tri-Axis powers to strike with their combined might against the North American countries. The European and Pan Pacific Alliances stopped Russian and Chinese forces from leaving Asia, while the full force of North Korea’s army and hyper humans successfully made landfall in Los Angeles.

The 12 responded immediately and crushed, once and for all, the machinations of the Tri-Axis.

Later, U.S. President Felicia Turner would officially title the escalation of conflict “The Cold War.”

The museum that stands today in San Cielo’s Skyeline Centre is a historical walk through the 18 years following the arrival of Legacy and terminating in the defeat of the Tri-Axis and the implementation of the hyper/ super registration act.


The larger of two museums, the Cold War Museum is nearly 200 yards long and over five stories tall. Constructed of elaborate concrete, steel alloy and glass, the rounded building has a unique angular footprint while maintaining a very fluid and sculpted upper portion.

A series of holographic banners and images of flying heroes dance around the outside showcasing openings and documentaries to be shown that day. Adjacent to the western side of the building in Skyeline Park stands a statue of Legacy looking east towards the Dragon Financial building and the Washington Monument replica.

Outside the museum, one block away on the second level of Skyeline Park, is a replica of the Washington Monument destroyed during the Chinese attack in 2047. The structure is identical in scale to the original and extends from the second level up through the first level. Visitors may use skyewalks around the monument to view the memorial.


Upon entering the grand space and foyer, visitors are greeted by a row of flags of all the former countries that existed and were involved in the Cold War. This includes the North American, European and Pan Pacific Alliance flags. A 20-foot tall statue made from cast bronze of former President Turner welcomes visitors, while also acting as the center of a stone etched timeline of events that spiral outwards from the statue’s base.

High glass windows bring in a tremendous amount of California daylight and beyond the museum’s foyer, a marriage of smoothly designed metal and composite materials weave visitors through display areas and video presentations.

The “World of Powers” display has images, busts and holographic projections of all hyper and super humans involved during the Cold War, including those of villains defeated during the multiple attacks. A map of Skyeline Park shows locations of statues depicting members of “The 12” along the walk to the Prisma Celeste historic monument.

The Fallen Heroes memorial showcases the lives and accomplishments of the first “12” who gave their lives in Washington D.C. in 2047. A series of mannequins bear uniforms and equipment actually worn by those who served and died.

One of the most popular interactive elements of the museum is the “Powers of the Past” display that allows visitors to jump into a holographic environment equipped with a series of five or six key powers used by heroes during the Cold War. Kids of all ages can wield simulated telekinesis, elemental powers, gravity manipulation and more.

The Cold War theater shows documentaries daily about various topics and events that led up to and finished the epic conflict. Specifically:
  • Men to Gods: A documentary highlighting Osiris Bio-Engineering, Ambrose Ghrayl, Sequence 22, the birth of hypers and supers, and the history of Legacy’s arrival to Earth.
  • Conspiracy Theory: A documentary that goes behind the scenes and showcases the involvement between Russian, Chinese and North Korean political masterminds involved with Mistress and Goliath during the Cold War.
  • The Greatest Burden: A biography highlighting President Felicia Turner’s double tour of office during the Cold War. Specifically, it delves into implementation of Project Genesis, founding the Ark, alliance with Edward Beaudet, Prime Minister of Canada and Mexican President Ferdinand Salvador-Cortez, as well as showcasing her reactions throughout the attack by North Korea.
  • Brothers in Arms: Focusing on hyper heroes from Mexico and Canada, this documentary follows the journey from normal person into a hyper dynamo and actual events that took place to make the two former teams.
The crown jewel of the museum, however, is the Los Angeles conflict timeline display. Visitors walk through multiple displays, placards, holo displays and miniature models of the city showing where North Korean forces made landfall in Santa Monica. The end of which bears a three-story tall, fully restored North Korean war mecha in the fateful frozen pose before Priya Sunjaya, known as the hero “Push” and Legacy defeated the invasion.

A meticulous recreation of the exact city street bears scared civilians, other members of The 12, debris and vehicles from 2048 and indescribable special effects graphics that simulate Push using her powers against the behemoth.
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7 years 1 week ago
very cool, that is some AAA+ "Fluff" :D with backstory like that factions will be so fun to fight for and against and RP becomes fun
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7 years 1 week ago
A tad confusing title for someone growing up during the actual cold war IMO but a great background nonetheless :)

Is the museum planned to be actually in the game and visitable; including that story in the game (in form of text plaques; visuals, holos, etc)?
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