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Weekly Lore Release - Skyeline Fuel and Energy

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Skyeline Fuel and Energy

Art Pending

Note: We're currently focused on fleshing out locations in Skyeline with our lore releases but will have other kinds of lore to release soon. This particular location is pivotal as a starting point for players who will make Profession only characters....


Skyeline Centre between the Cold War and Uprising museums.


By and large one of the first strategically placed commercial elements by architects during planning of Skyeline Center. Skyeline Fuel and Energy (SF&E) is more than just a gas station and convenience store, it is one of the largest and most diverse places in San Cielo to refuel more than one type of vehicle. Most stations include automotive/motorcycle fossil fuels, bio fuels and electric charging. The Skyeline variant of this commercial chain also serves aircraft with VTOL capabilities and adds rocket, aircraft fuels, anti-matter, micro reactor recharge and quantum reactor energies to its list.

The station can service up to 144 average sized automobiles or hover cars on the ground, two larger helo sized vehicles on top of the main structure, and four mid-sized hovering vehicles, flying motorbikes or drones on the central elevated landing platforms.

Due to the wide range of professional fuel knowledge and vehicle expertise needed to work the station, SF&E was implemented as an intergalactic vendor and employs multiple alien races to work as attendants and mechanics.


The main structure is one large central building with a sturdy base. There are four long pump station rows and recharge areas along each face around the bottom of the buildings. Each row has six fuel pylons with six fueling stations per pylon for a total of 144 pumps/ recharge stations on the ground.

The fueling areas are high covered overhangs; well-lit with lots of holographic advertisements and futuristic pump controls.

A wide flight of stairs provides access up the back of the building for customers and attendants alike. Enormous tanks are also situated to the rear of the building with a protective force field around them that contain rocket, aircraft fuel, anti-matter and micro fusion fuels. Massive multi-labeled fuel pipes with striping and large valves run up the central pylon to the fueling platforms above showing at a glance the sheer amount of fuel moving through the station.

Separate from the building, there are reinforced heavy composite metal stanchions that hold the flight deck in place above the convenience store part of the station. Going up the stairwell, vendors first encounter four small landing pads that can accommodate a large SUV sized flying vehicle on each. From here the central column continues up and has a dual helo pad style area on the very top that can easily service a large helicopter or medium sized military VTOL aircraft.


Walking into the convenience store element of SF&E, patrons feel as if they’ve entered a grocery store versus a simple grab and go snack bar. Long aisles of well stocked foods run from one end of the store to the other, with not just human, but alien snacks as well. A hot bar for warm meals takes up one full wall of the mart where a deli-style vendor is ready to dispense whatever intergalactic munchies patrons desire.

Along two of the long walls are cold cases with refrigerated foods, frozen grubs and insectoids as well as alcoholic, energy, fruit, dairy and assorted liquid beverages. A coffee stand and hot beverage bar, along with espresso, Chronus nectar and frozen yogurt give customers another spice of variety for their shopping delights. The last wall is hosted by alien employees who relentlessly run credits, crystals and electronic payments for the dozens of customers getting fuel and goodies.

Holographic advertisements and television feeds run on monitors around the interior with a soft melody always playing to sooth weary travelers. The last facet to SF&E that makes this store memorable is the celestial projected ceiling that makes patrons feel as though they are at the cusp of space. Random patterned shooting stars, solar flares and the occasional satellite are programmed into the heavenly show giving the convenience area a show that is out of this world.
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